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    Quote Originally Posted by JonasDeac View Post
    Just saw an ad for Sesame Street at Sea World. We're going to Orlando in October and had planned on a couple days at Disney - any advice on if Sea World is worth it mainly for SS? Son will 2.
    I don't remember the Sesame Street part, but if you are going on weekday, look around for cheap tickets. I went the Tuesday before Thanksgiving last year and found $25 tickets online - don't remember where. I'm not sure how great it will be for a 2 year old, but there is a lot of animal interactions and shows, bunch of costumes walking around - but it doesn't have the same amount of stuff as Disney or Universal. The rides are actually really great, if thats anything you would be looking for.

    Not sure where you live, and this is not anywhere close to Orlando, but the Sesame Place theme park is in a craphole town outside of Philadelphia - its great for 2 and 3 year olds. If you plan a trip, don't stay near the park, just stay in Philly or the shore and just drive in for a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamThunderbolt View Post
    Iíve only been a couple of times, but I have the opposite take. Itís not worth he 2 hour drive. Maybe it was where I was, but st. Augustine seemed mostly like a tourist trap place.
    I mean, there are definitely souvenir shops and a Gordon Biersch, but there are a few cool old bars/restaurants, and the fort is pretty cool. Since Disney is on the table, I figured the ship had sailed on touristy. I am admittedly speaking as someone who has no interest in anything Disney or Disney adjacent, and don't know of any other reason to hang around Orlando. I lived in Daytona for two years (do not recommend) and would rather drive to St Augustine than Orlando any day.

    I do like Cocoa Beach. Winter Park has a couple good restaurants, but I forget what they were.

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