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Thread: UNCCH LB Jeremiah Gemmel casting shade on WF OL

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    Quote Originally Posted by liveanddiedeac View Post
    Just wondering what he could’ve pointed to think UNC would have an easy one against us? It almost makes me wonder if that was the tone set by Mack thinking he was coming to the Wake Forest of 20 some years ago during his first tenure at UNC?
    Thought Mack's shtick with telling the team all about who had picked against them was a bit much this week. For all I know Clawson and Co. do that shit too -- they just don't put it out for public consumption. Just never ends well when you put everything out on the record, ya know?

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    Broderick Hicks
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    Clawson is the man. Let’s keep rolling.

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    Only a Hole would have this mentality taking his 3 win '18 team into the stadium of a program with 3 straight bowl wins.

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    UNC - where "no class" has more than one meaning

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    I thought I heard Gemmel correctly. Our team heard him correctly as well. Good for the Deacs!

    But the Deacs will not receive these motivational gifts too frequently so will need to rely exclusively on themselves for motivation going forward.

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    Turn the page and walk away. We're better off not being respected by these people. I was sitting last week with LSU at Texas. After the win, the old timers (over 40) said "Good game, See ya next year and Have a safe trip home." The others were talking about 'Bama. Youth is wasted on the young.

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    I hate the holes as much as anyone, but must admit that it seemed like Mack was very gracious to Clawson after the game.

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