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Thread: Trypophobia (New Iphone Triggers "Fear of Holes")

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    Trypophobia (New Iphone Triggers "Fear of Holes")

    CNN recently put out story about new Iphone triggering TRYPOPHOBIA or fear of holes based on design of phone.

    While we know our Deacs aren't going to be scared of the Holes this Friday, please share your scariest HOLE story...

    could be a parking lot/tailgate incident, could be having to take a real class vs. Swaheeli, could be an annoying friend/fan???

    Go Deacs!!

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    I assume they will come out with a $700 phone case to cover the camera openings.
    Space Force in

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    I thought fear of holes was brought about by possible repercussions following the #metoo movement.

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