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Thread: Parking tomorrow

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    Parking tomorrow

    Was on the Gameday thread earlier but I don't see it now; maybe they took it down:
    Gold, Joel lots open at 2P.
    Blue, Orange and Senior Svcs. at 4P
    And then of course under the "Tailgate" section it say to "arrive early" so you can be in the stadium 30 min. before kickoff
    No way I'm waiting to 4P; is this thing really enforced?

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    The Twitter says the second set of lots open at 3, not 4

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    No its not enforced. We will be out there by 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesSokolove View Post
    No its not enforced. We will be out there by 11
    This. Attendants will be manning the posts at the assigned times.

    See you guys at noon.
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    Wait, so is RJ coming at 11 or is Sokolove coming at 11 ?

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