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Thread: Protests and Violence in India

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    Protests and Violence in India

    Delhi clashes: Thirteen killed as Hindu and Muslim groups clash

    New Delhi Streets Turn Into Battleground Between Hindus and Muslims

    For the past several weeks, Muslim residents, many of them women, have been protesting the citizenship law. On Saturday night, they began to block a major road.

    The next day, Kapil Mishra, a local leader from Mr. Modi’s political party, showed up. He threatened to mobilize a mob to clear out the protesters. He said he did not want to create trouble while Mr. Trump was visiting, but he warned the police that as soon as Mr. Trump left India on Tuesday night, his followers would clear the streets if the police did not.

    Tensions shot up. As Sunday evening approached, gangs of Hindu men and Muslim men began throwing rocks at each other. This quickly degenerated into wider violence, with Hindu residents accusing Muslims of attacking Hindu statues and Muslim residents expressing fear that a Hindu mob was forming to get them.

    Shoaib Ahmad, a Muslim businessman who makes a living repairing tires, said his shop was burned down Monday night by a Hindu mob as he stood on the roof of his house.

    “All my dreams were destroyed in those flames,” Mr. Ahmad said.

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    ^^ the whole piece is good, but he goes over the anti-Muslim citizenship laws starting at about 13:18.

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    Hopefully, if Trump gets thumped in November maybe the worldwide trend towards authoritarians will slow down quickly.

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