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Thread: Amb. Joe Wilson dies

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    Amb. Joe Wilson dies

    The most hated man to the Bush cabal during the war in Iraq due to his truth telling has died.

    Joe Wilson had a long and distinguished career in diplomacy mostly in Africa and the Middle East. He was tasked to check out Saddam's alleged attempts to get yellow cake uranium. When he told Condi Rice, Cheney and Rumsfeld that this didn't happen, they had W lie to the American people about it.

    When Wilson continued to tell the truth, Cheney and Rice attacked his wife Valerie Plame. They outed her as a covert spy and ended her career. They threw Scooter Libby under the bus to cover their acts of immorality.

    This didn't keep Plame or Wilson from telling the truth.

    RIP to an American hero.

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