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Thread: 2019-2020 NHL Thread – Playoffs???

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    Steve Lepore
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    Let's go Hurry-canes.

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    I’m rooting for the Canes. Sorry, Boston fans.

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    Justin Williams out?

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    Sami, too. I think Mike said they were under the weather which is concerning given the circumstances.

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    There we go! What a great, unselfish team play.

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    Feels like the canes have not won a single faceoff yet

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    The fuck was that?

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    Horrible call. Honestly should be gone for the rest of the playoffs after that.

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    Puck don't lie bitch

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    Seems like all of Twitter agrees that the goal call was complete garbage. Couple pretty weak penalty calls against the Canes as well. Pretty lucky to catch two posts on a beaten goalie though, so 2-2 feels about right.

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    Here we go again

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    This goal is going to decide the series, isn’t it?

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    Regardless of the outcome, I hope Rod SKEWERS these officials. Missed blatant slash and high stick to the face against Boston, followed by a questionable at best "hold" vs Carolina. Comical.

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    Where was Mrazek going there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Screamindemon3 View Post
    Where was Mrazek going there
    I don't know, but I thought he did a pretty good job today. The defense was horrible. Let's hope it was rust and/or some lineup changes.

    Home ice advantage will be very big in this series. I know that sounds funny given the circumstances, but both teams feature an awesome first line (Boston's is world class, but our young guys aren't far behind). Getting last change and putting that first line against our weaker lines and pairings is huge.

    The Canes aren't going to have much success against good teams with Aho/Svetch/Turbo being as quiet as they were today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Screamindemon3 View Post
    Where was Mrazek going there
    I mean he over-pursued it but tough not to when you're trying to cover an open net. Edmundson had great stats today, but I swear he gave up at least 2 of the Bruins' goals.

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    Gotta be better at controlling the game territorially, almost always a strength of ours so weird to get so dominated, hopefully just a byproduct of getting our shit back together after the week off. And some help from the refs would def come in handy

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