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Thread: Private Dinner Sites - Greensboro

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    Private Dinner Sites - Greensboro

    We're looking for suggestions a restaurant with (preferably) a private room for a birthday party of 25 - 30 folks (all adults) that doesn't charge extra for the room and allows ordering off the regular menu. Any leads appreciated. We had the party at the Green Valley Grille last year and because it was a slow night and we had a few no-shows, it worked out fine. Just looking for a more private, separate space this year.

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    PM biff for recommendations

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    You could probably get something decent if you just stayed in at the retirement home.

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    You can get the Natty Greene's top floor.

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    If it's for tags, make sure they have operable fire extinguishers for all those candles on his cake.

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    Private Dinner Sites in Greensboro

    I know Green Valley Grill (O'Henry Hotel) and Print Works Bistro (Proximity Hotel) both have private dining rooms, but they are typically part of the hotel. I've used both. Any restaurant with a private room like the Undercurrent (or the two hotel restaurants) for a group of 30 people would appreciate a reduced number of menu Entrees to help them plan the evening for that group, so that they will have enough of what people want to order. And can plan ahead for adequate wait-staffing.

    Usually there is no room-charge for many private rooms when 25 to 40 people are paying for a meal. But every venue has its own preferences, I'm sure, for regular or new customers.

    Fast-casual restaurants would most likely be more lax on a room charge than an up-scale venue.

    Take a look at the trip-adviser app for Greensboro and see what the most popular restaurants have available or what their policies are, or their phone numbers. There are dozens of excellent restaurants
    listed in order of popularity, and with a description of their food. And you'd be very surprised how many have a private room, that can be reserved with advance notice.

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    We did a party for a friend with about 25-30 people at GIA. Started in the bar and then had a separate room for dinner. I donít think we paid extra for the room. Not sure it would fit 40, but if youíre on the lower end of attendance, it was nice.

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    harpers car wash back room

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacDiggler View Post
    harpers car wash back room
    You're slaying it today.

    OP, Asahi on Market could probably put you on their traditional Japanese side (not the hibachi side). That'd probably be cool as shit. Pho Hein Vong has a segregated dining area as well.

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    Undercurrent has a good private back room. Up to 30 people. Lucky32 has a small one, < 8 people.

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    Cafe Pasta on State Street has an upper level that would be good for this. And you can walk down to the Gibb's Hundred for beer before and/or after.

    Undercurrent is a solid suggestion.

    Natty Greene's top floor is pretty great - there's a pool table, you have your own bar - but they are supposedly undergoing renovations so don't know the status of that. Food is obviously not nearly as good/upscale as Undercurrent or GVG so it would be a totally different type of party.

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    With enough notice Salvino may be able to do it - they have a room that can be closed off. Never seen it closed off but seems like it would make sense for a private event.

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    Flemings at Friendly Center has a private dining room.

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