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Thread: Chat Thread: biff brings board balance

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    The sports boards are just a terrible place to get an accurate opinion of a sporting event. Hadn't watched the President's cup all week, just read the thread on there, and it read as if it was the biggest beatdown we'd ever received. Then I go to and it says we ended up winning.

    Brandon Childress is the worst ever, then I check the box score and see he scored 22 points on 12 shots as we beat a ranked team.
    just drivin' round in John Voight's car

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    Yes, plama, lots of posters are morons. And when morons talk to morons, their moronic-ness multiples

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    I try to judge my wife for being addicted to these real life murder miniseries, and then I sit down beside her for 5 minutes to have a beer while shes watching the Laci Peterson story, and 2 and a half hours later I realize Im a shitty person with shitty taste too.

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    But you aren't Scott Peterson....

    The Kennedy Center Honors tonight should be good with Earth, Wind & Fire and Linda Ronstadt.

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