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Thread: Chat Thread: biff's bulldogs blunder

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    I disagree with you
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    Quote Originally Posted by mako1331 View Post
    My brother married into a family with a net worth approaching the low 9 figures. It's going to be insane how much his life is going to change one day.
    now that's how a west virginian MOVES ON UPPPP

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    I married a telephone lineman's daughter. But hey, at least she's hot and I'll get to hang out in his beach house whenever I want!

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    Scooter Banks

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    Do all conservative men have mommy/women issues or just 95% of them? Discuss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mako1331 View Post
    As a side discussion, what obligations towards inheritance to parents have towards their kids? My folks worked their asses off for 30 years, paid for undergrad degrees for their three kids so we wouldn't have student debt, and then retired, and have now made it their stated intention to blow through all possible inheritance save for their house through traveling and enjoying the hell out of themselves in their twilight years, which makes me very happy. As my two little ones are pretty young, it does make me wonder what my outlook on what I leave behind will be as I get older though. Thoughts on the responsibilities of passing down wealth?
    Need to spend before you die or before Elizabeth Warren wins the presidency.

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    Speaking of punchable faces... ted cruz and mini ted (grayson allen) have to be near the top of the list.

    ronnie wellman is up there as well.

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