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Thread: CBS suspended for 3 games for violation of team rules- Nonsubstantive discussion

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    It’s all or nothing, folks. You discipline one kid you have to uphold the same standards for the whole team.

    You want Bobby Petrino or a guy like Claw who upholds respectability within the program and leads these guys to be hard workers, disciplined, good fathers, husbands and men?

    I’m firmly against suspension due to toking up and to some extent, I think we should be more lenient with athletes and their grades, as long as they are going to classes and utilizing their tutors.

    NCAA and team rules are law and need to be enforced at all times. If not, the coaches and administration lose all credibility and we are pathetic losers like Louisville and the Petrino’s of the world.

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    Exactly. Bottom line is regardless of how you feel about a rule it is in fact the rule. Live within the rules or get punished.
    If anyone feels like smoking weed should be allowed then start to lobby the NCAA on your time. Quit making excuses for student athletes to break rules by saying shit like "but it should be legal"..... because it's currently not.
    Time to get off my soap box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDeac View Post
    LOL. So all that self-righteous discussion of Clawson’s weed policy was a waste of time?

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    There are team rules in place regarding classroom performance. Clawson has a system in place to monitor players and will take action before it becomes a grade issue that could impact their scholarship.

    Players earning a degree from Wake Forest is a priority for Dave Clawson and he’s made no secret about it.

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