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Thread: Football transfer thread: General NCAA transfer rules talk

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    A different kind of "transfer" Duke AD is transferring to retired status next August.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deaconblue View Post
    A different kind of "transfer" Duke AD is transferring to retired status next August.
    McCollum to Ga State. Flowers to SC State. They were big recruits.

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    Tathan Martell is in the portal !

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    Best of luck to Mike Allen, highly rated coming out of high school, but was unable to produce on the field. Our two top DE recruits recently both end up in the portal. So with a spot open, hopefully we go after Andrew Leota, an Asheville native, who was at Northwestern the last three years. Hes had 4.5 and 5.5 sacks the two years he played. Could be an interesting addition.

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    To put all this in one place and where it fits better, I am copying my other post here:

    One thing I think NCAA should put in place are in-season dead periods for the transfer portals. NCAA would not accept player transfer requests. Coaches could not contact players wanting to transfer in.

    E.g. for football, no transfers, or maybe no coach initiated contact with transferring players between Aug 15 and January date of championship game.
    For basketball, Nov 1 to national championship game in April. Same thing.


    Quote Originally Posted by DeacsATS View Post
    What about mid-season transfers in basketball? I have no problem with guys transferring early in the season so that they can be eligible for spring semester the next season.

    Though I guess that goes away if there is no longer a year of sitting out.
    My suggested time frames were based on continuation of the immediate eligibility rule. If that goes away, I would add a between semesters window for basketball. Something like Dec 22 to Jan 6. Exact dates should be based on composite academic calendars. Window opens after first semester ends. Perhaps the date previously used for spring semester eligible transfers were able to begin playing. Closes when classes begin for spring semester. This would need to be some average of all schools. It would need to have specific dates on the calendar each year, but not necessarily the same dates every year.

    I would go back to the tight waiver requirements. That is, you can get a mid-season waiver to transfer, but it will be difficult. Once a school commits a scholarship to a player, that player assumes an obligation to attend class and play for that season.

    I would also make scholarships four year mandatory. As long as the student -athlete performs in the classroom and does what the team requires, he or she gets four years of scholarship. If a coach no longer wants the player on the team, the school is obligated to provide scholarship that matches exactly the athletics scholarship for the remainder of the four years.
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