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Thread: Chat Thread: Bringing Back the $%&*?#@($#*@)#(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert M. Pirsig View Post
    i probably read more (academic work?) than anyone on the boards
    Sounds like you are considering my posts "academic work".

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    Iím just glad I never really liked soda

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiltdeac View Post
    I think I'm way below average in terms of liquid consumption. It's pretty common for me to have 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning and then don't drink anything else til dinner.
    Dude. Hydrate. Youíll feel so much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJKarl View Post
    Sounds like you are considering my posts "academic work".
    I've read maybe 20/30 of your posts? I've read more journal articles/book chapters this semester than that, so no!

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    I disagree with you
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    You have definitely read more than 30 RJ posts

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    should have clarified that i was thinking in terms of what i read in one semester, posts included

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    Luls when I was a copy editor I used to have a quota of five books a week, e.g., I definitely think I was reading more then than just about anyone on the boards, grad students included. That job sucked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImTheCaptain View Post
    you guys are nuts. stop drinking that garbage

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    Postulating on who reads more on these boards was riskier than Chupe throwing down the smoke gauntlet.

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    I think that without a single exception I smoked weed every day from the time I was 15 until like 23 or 24?

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    5 books/week beats my high water mark but humanities grad students be reading, y'all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabs Turds Bare View Post
    Hypothetical: you must choose between having your newborn daughter blessed with intelligence, but be ugly as shiiiiiit; or your newborn daughter is blessed with beauty at every age, but slightly below average intelligence.

    This is a really hard one for me.
    Beauty, and it isnít close.
    just drivin' round in John Voight's car

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooshmoo View Post
    If my board rep is gay seltzer water drinker, I am fine with that. I get it for free at work and then hit it hard again at home. Pamplemousse all the way.

    I stopped drinking all soda a few years ago, do not enjoy drinking regular water, so la croix it is.
    oh your rep is much much worse than the gay seltzer guy

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