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Thread: Wake Forest Tennis 2022 - Nava to Quarterfinals, Banthia/Schnaitter into Sweet 16

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMissRandolph View Post
    Has been crickets unfortunately. Here is what I know:

    Taha - transferring to Kentucky
    Sid - doing his last year at Cal Berkley
    Ben, Jakob, Edu, and Rezi all done with eligibility

    Karimov - I think he will be back for 1 more year
    Melios - I am thinking he will be back for 1 more year
    Filo - Will be back and should have at least 2, maybe 3 years left

    Matt Thomson, Rob Maciag, and Juan Lopez should all be back, but frankly they aren't top 6 singles guys for any team in the top 15 IMO.

    Of the guys we've yet to see play, Tacchi, Duan, and Vikas Deo appear the most likely to see court time.

    All that to say, we are going to need some serious firepower to come via transfer or mid-year international guys or we should expect a significant drop. I am confident, but that confident wanes every day as we get closer to August, especially when it comes to transfers.
    It's disappointing to see guys who were likely starters transfer out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deaconblue View Post
    It's disappointing to see guys who were likely starters transfer out.
    I get Sid. He's been at Wake for 4 years. He'll end up with a Wake undergrad and a Cal-Berkley grad degree. Don't get me wrong, i'd love to have him, but I at least understand it. He didn't play in the singles lineup for the first half of the year and then supplanted Taha and helped us.

    The Taha transfer is a wackier one, and one I suspect has a story. At first glance, Kentucky has all of his Canadian buddies and teammates so that makes sense. Tennis wise, he played top 2-3 his first two years at Wake and had success. This year he starts out at 5 and 6 and has very mixed results, and eventually is completely out of the lineup. He also announced his transfer almost immediately after the season. I've followed him on futures circuit this summer and he's had some success.

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