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Thread: usic Thread 2.0

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    Los Lobos at 10! Sweet.
    Runs with deer.

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    i really enjoyed that guy reading announcements, struggling through the social media part, but emphasizing the free parking and no tobacco smoking parts

    very on brand for merlefest

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    I know we turn this into Heads thread occasionally/often, which I am TOTALLY COOL WITH, but the Shakedown Stream tonight is Buckeye Lake from '93, which I guess has sort of been a long lost show? I dunno. Anyway, pre-show intro features esteemed Dead scholar Jesse Jarnow, who knows his shit and who often (always?) live tweets a show a night from the particular date. It's kind of fun for me even separated from the jams (he offers plenty of opinions), as he will occasionally make it more of a historical piece and give the context of the universe around it. Anyway, Grateful Dead youtube of '93 Buckeye is tonight at 8. Lots of shit going on. Might have to choose between that and the OG Flecktones/Sam Bush/Los Lobos run at Merle tonight. Hmmm...two youtube streams competing against each other battle to the death.
    Runs with deer.

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    I guess they've just had the video from this Dead show in the can a while and it has never gotten an official release, not that has ever stopped anything associated with the Dead before. Anyway.
    Runs with deer.

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    Oh, hm, Flecktones are on right now, thought it wasn't until 6.
    Runs with deer.

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    Yes. Sinister Minister encore. That was my fucking jam.
    Runs with deer.

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    Iím a dummy and of course this isnít in real time, so Iím not sure why I was listening to the stage announcerís times. Dummy.
    Runs with deer.

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    The Dead has played at Duke several times dating back to the early 70s if I'm not mistaken.

    I'm not sure if it was all the same year, but we saw Bonnie (with Mississippi Fred McDowell opening), Joni Mitchell and the Dead at Cameron.

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    Didnít realize it but Derek and Susan were EXACTLY what I needed this evening goddamn

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    Thanks for this tip chupe theyíre ripping right now

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    Yeah dang. D Trucks sitting in. Whew.
    Runs with deer.

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    Flashback to Tony Rice All-Stars on that first Merlefest w/Cowan, OíConner, Bela, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and, of course, the Master himself.

    Runs with deer.

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    Def staying clocked in for this btw.
    Runs with deer.

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    Stefan! That's my dude! He made me a smoothie!
    Runs with deer.

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    One of THE great American bands: Los Lobos. What treasures.
    Runs with deer.

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    LOS LOBOS LOS LOBOS LOS LOBOS !!!!! Hell yes. This is the stuff.
    Runs with deer.

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    Now D Trucks and Tedeschi about to sit in with LOS CABROS DEL TODO TIEMPO DEL TODO MUNDO LOS LOBOS.
    Runs with deer.

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    Iíve seen the Derek Trucks Band like 10 times, the Allman Bros with Derek a bunch but still never saw TTB. Had resolved to see them this year since they usually come in the winter but of course this is the one year they didnít.

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    This is amazing. Seriously, Los Lobos. Together almost 50 years, still most of the same original members, SHREDDERS.
    Runs with deer.

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    YES YES YES Just a burning Not Fade Away>Bertha. LOS LOBOS DEL ESTE DE LOS ANGELES. Will The Wolf Survive, please.

    Ha, Cinnamon Girl will do.
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    Runs with deer.

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