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Thread: Tagging Disabled

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookoutdeac View Post
    Don't reps help accomplish this? If they're public facing then they're basically just posts, but without the bumping the thread to the top?
    Slightly, but it also can help with off-topic posts too since comments are parts of a singular post so people can more easily skip over it. I enjoy them and think they are useful but it's not a pressing need by any means and I can see how people might think they're useless or annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TownieDeac View Post
    You guys should just pony up for OGBoards Premium. We still have tags and talk about the rest of you all the time. Plus rj's posts just auto-correct to "I'm a big dumb idiot" which makes the boards so much more readable.
    i would like to get in front of this and state for the record that OGBoards Premium is distinct and separate from OGBoards 2.0

    we at OGBoards 2.0 are saddened that there appears to have been fragmentation in the mass migration away from this board

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