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Thread: 2020 Presidential Election: Biden v. Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonwolverine View Post
    Seriously. I'm to the point where I'm worried Biden is going to lose Delaware. This is not going to be a healthy 48 hours or so, at least.

    That is truly an altered state of mind talking. Biden is not losing Delaware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubble Boy View Post
    Looks like we can finally start the "True Things that Trump Says" thread!
    It will be very short, with very rare posts.

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    Scooter Banks

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    So Michigan has a hot/smart Governor and a hot/smart secretary of state. I'm a Badger fan, but definitely Mich over Ohio State forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachBumDeac View Post
    It seems like this point has been made for 20 years and yet they keep winning elections.
    They're going to lose the popular vote by 5-10% - they've lost 6 of the last 7. Doesn't mean they'll necessarily lose the EC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mako1331 View Post
    Holy shit. Strick was Dr. Strick? What have I done with my life?
    Heís almost Dr. Strick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooshmoo View Post
    So Michigan has a hot/smart Governor and a hot/smart secretary of state. I'm a Badger fan, but definitely Mich over Ohio State forever.
    Itís like you were put here to be my opposite

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    Whitmer seems like the type who just wants to sit on your face all the time.
    Deport Martin Short

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    Definitely hotter than NC's SoS !

    Makes me want to file some Articles of Incorporation !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacMan View Post
    This is why I feel pretty damn good generally.

    Let's look at known math from Florida and make assumptions that favor Trump somewhat on expected split vote split per national polling and dramatically on election day turnout.

    - 5.02 M registered GOP voters
    - 5.20 M registered Dem voters
    - 3.7 M registered as independents

    The belief is that Biden is winning 11% of the GOP vote nationwide. Let's call that 7% in Florida.
    2% more registered Dems voted early than registered GOPs
    Biden by all accounts is winning independents. Again, let's say in FL by 3% (likely more but let's use 3%).

    3.51M Dems have voted. 97-3 for Biden = 3.4047M to 105,300
    3.4M GOPs have voted. 93-7 for Trump = 238,000 to 3.162M
    1.93M Indies have voted. 51.5-48.5M for Biden = 993,950 to 936,050
    8.975M total have voted

    Present totals - 4.63665M for Biden to 4.20335M for Trump

    Potential votes left -

    Dems = 1.69M
    GOP = 1.62M
    Indies = 1.77M

    Presume 70% of the GOPs show up on election day = 1.134M more votes = 79,380 to 1.05462M
    Presume 30% of the Dems show up on election day = 507,000 more votes = 491,790 to 15,210
    Presume 30% of the Indies show up on election day = 531,000 more votes = 273,465 to 257,535

    Totals on election day = 844,635 to 1.082M

    Final Total = 5.52M for Biden and 5.29M for Trump

    That's Biden 51% and Trump 49%. Trump loses even with much more extensive GOP turnout vs. Dems on election day by 230K votes.
    I am starting to question this analysis.
    Birds are real.

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    Holy fck NC is coming down to the wire. The anti maskers will probably win it for trump in the end

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