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Thread: Labor/Workers movements thread

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    Labor unions are going to have to fight like they never have before to keep their members employed after this re-opens. Even strong unions like the UAW are going to get pinched.

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    Universities to Grad Students: Drop Dead
    “Academic workers worldwide perform the labor that makes our institutions run. We deserve basic labor protections, especially during this pandemic.”

    As student workers organize for better working conditions on campus, many have attempted to reason directly with their respective universities’ administrations. At the University of California in Santa Barbara, where graduate students have been on strike since the fall quarter of 2019 to protest low wages and insufficient housing, the administration has yet to formally acknowledge that any protests have taken place. Instead, the dean of the Graduate Division wrote a letter encouraging upset students to seek support at the campus’s counseling services.

    “We have been met with a ruthless cold shoulder,” said Matt Harris, a sixth-year PhD candidate. “The administration at UC Santa Barbara has not responded to us or acknowledged that there was even a strike.”

    Though they did not communicate with student activists, the administration was closely following what they did. According to recent reporting from Vice, the California National Guard provided military surveillance equipment to the University of California at Santa Cruz’s Police Department in order to surveil striking students at UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, and other schools in the UC system during the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) strike in February. As a result of the protest, many of the students involved were fired from their teaching positions.

    According to Harris, student workers at UC Santa Barbara have been fighting for a COLA so that they can afford housing, food, and health care security. While these conditions were already precarious in 2019, Covid-19 and the move to online teaching via Zoom has only furthered these economic and housing crises. “To make ends meet, many graduate students picked up side hustles like tutoring or working at the public library or a coffee shop, but now those extra gigs have diminished or disappeared,” Harris said. “We simply cannot afford to continue to live here and work here and pretend that everything is good.”
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    meanwhile Pitt's BoT just approved a seven-figure salary for a new hire

    Shekhar will receive a $1-million base salary in 2020 and be eligible for an annual performance bonus of at least $300,000 up to a maximum of 40% of his current base salary. He will also receive an additional $100,000 every year for his first five years, but the $500,000 total will be paid in 2025, as an incentive for Shekhar to stay in his position for that long, similar to a clause in Chancellor Patrick Gallagher’s contract that expired in 2019. Dr. Arthur Levine, his predecessor who is transitioning to a research-oriented role at Pitt’s Brain Institute, is set to earn a base salary of $911,730 in 2020.

    Gallagher said at the meeting that Pitt calculated Shekhar’s salary by using a peer group of leaders for other top-funded National Institutes of Health centers for universities with medical schools that receive NIH funding. He said the median total compensation for this group is $1.65 million, and minimum compensation is about $1.1 million.
    it's all good though because he's giving some of his salary to students, they can have a little treat

    Gallagher added that Shekhar has volunteered to donate 10% of his salary to students, matching the actions of the seven other senior vice chancellors. Shekhar’s salary will also be fully paid by Pitt, a departure from when part of the position’s salary was paid by UPMC.
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