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Thread: Fifty Years ago today- Kent State

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJKarl View Post
    My draft number was 303.
    I was 106. Just missed my ass heading north to Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shorty View Post
    When you registered for the draft, as was required, you were first sent a draft card classifying you as 1H, or holding. Then they drew the lottery for guys born in your birth year. My number was 087. I got a new draft card in the mail re-classifying me 1A, available, within a week. I can still remember picking up that notice from Uncle Sam in my mailbox at the Poteat House post office.

    I called the draft board to ask why I was not 2S, college deferment. I was told that the 2S classification had been eliminated. But it was still listed as a classification on the back of the draft card. Freshmen guys on campus were either dancing for joy, nervous, or scared shitless, like me.

    Although, I will add that by the time I was 18, the guys with the low draft numbers were more nervous about what was going on in the Middle East then in Vietnam.
    I was one of the last 2S years. My number was 086.

    One of my classmates got 366 (leap year). He went and had himself reclassified out of 2S the next day to get his year of vulnerability started.

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