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Thread: Chat Thread: Only RJKarl Can Save Our Country Now !! Ask RJ How !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 06deacon View Post
    I pronounced it “croppie” and also called them sunfish instead of brim (when I was unlucky enough to catch them). My pan fish hierarchy went crappie > bluegill > sunfish as far as how happy I was to catch them.
    Shellcrackers are the top of the panfish.
    Actually Redear Sunfish, but my Dad being the Davie County Boy he was, called em Shellcrackers. They'll get as big as your hand and thick bodied. Nice fighters too; like a Rock Bass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreamyGoodness View Post
    Yep those are native fish in the NC Mountains. We call them hornyhead chubs. Catch the hell outta of them when fishing for trout on our property. They're annoying as hell and will bite the tiniest bit of work.

    Before I knew anything about them I cleaned and grilled like 8 of them... Needless to say I never did that again.
    Apparently they are, or more likely *were* in some of the creeks in the Yadkin watershed in eastern Davie Co. in the '40s when my Dad was a kid. He used to tell me about catching them. Granddad would set little fish traps for them to use them for bait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerswood View Post
    Catfish are so miserable to clean though. They take forever to die, so they're usually alive while you're doing it. And they don't have scales so you have to (at least the way I was taught) rip their skin off with pliers. I have to REALLY be feeling manly/outdoorsy or REALLY want fresh catfish to do it these days.
    It's not that big of a deal. One thing about becoming a professional Chef will do is disabuse one of any squeamishness for butchery or fabrication of animals. At least, ideally it it will.
    It also helps if you've got a farming background or, like we did, grew up cleaning what we caught or hunted.
    Oh, BTW, I learned to use the pliers too. Still use em, except they're more like surgical forceps than Craftsman. Lol *

    *This is only if, for whatever reason, I want it on the bone. Otherwise, just fillet the skin off like any other fish.
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