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Thread: Matt James Will Be the Next Bachelor (NST)

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    James' Wake bio page is hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spot the Wonder View Post
    that is very good.

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    I donít think I realized how unlucky he was with injuries.

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    It's funny how every girl instantly pegged Victoria as a lunatic and idiot (on a stage of crazies), then the other day, she apparently took down a picture of her and some Trump merch. You can't convince me that psycho isn't some sort of plant by the network. Either that, or I'm beginning to think Matt may not be in this thing for love

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    So, I decided to watch the show since it featured a Deacon. Matt comes off as a great guy with perfect gentlemanly qualities. I have only seen episode 2, but he did tell one girl , she was beautiful and smart but she went to Carolina. I loved it!!!

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    Matt did a pretty good job of eliminating some of the drama queens last night. However, apparently that is not what the producers want, so they added one.

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