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Thread: Cold War Spy Mafia Game Thread: GAME OVER CIVS WIN

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    Yeah... we are looking into online options to see what we think there. Everyone keeps talking about how it won't spread among young kids much, and that's fine, but everyone seems to forget that a sizable percentage of teachers are 50+ and high risk. And what happens once a teacher tests positive? What do you do with that class of kids?
    Slaughter the few, so the many may live.

    Death is the only option.

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    I spent four hours today listening to a school board workshop for two hours then listening to a Q&A with our school board member for another two hours.

    This is a shit show. I think our school board is doing a great job. But theyíre forced into a horrible situation. The school board member from the poorest area of the county recently recovered from COVID. She asked the superintendent to find out the consequences for refusing to go face to face because itís likely not worse than the consequences of reopening in person schools.

    They will be voting to push back students returning two weeks to August 24. Teachers will still start back on July 31. Thatís when principals will find out how many teachers they have coming back.

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    Remember that time jtp was running a game?

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    Sucks not having a game this week

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacdeTejas View Post
    Remember that time jtp was running a game?
    LOL... no. Who?

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