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Thread: Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Lucas Taylor Commits!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raldeac View Post
    ... since the 50's.
    "I knew Dr. Naismith. Dr. Naismith was a friend of mine."
    Congratulations on 60+ years of the masochism that is being a Wake fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacsATS View Post
    Here's the McCracken we need to right the ship:

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    Quote Originally Posted by tagsfan View Post
    "I knew Dr. Naismith. Dr. Naismith was a friend of mine."
    Congratulations on 60+ years of the masochism that is being a Wake fan.
    Thatís good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackjackMc View Post
    From 1991 to 2010 (20 seasons) the Deacons were in the final AP Top 25 on nine occasions. They finished 16th in 1993, went 6-5 against Top 25 teams and made the Sweet 16. They finished 3rd in the AP in 1995, went 8-5 against the Top 25 and made the Sweet 16. In 1996 the Deacs finished 9th in the Top 25, went 4-4 against Top 25 teams and made the Elite 8. In 1997 they again finish 8th nationally, had a 6-4 record against Top 25 opponents but only made it to the second round of the Dance. In 2001 they were ranked 23rd, went 2-8 against the Top 26 and were Butlerized in the tourney. In 2003 the Deacs finished the season ranked 8th, went 3-3 against the Top 25 but ended the Dance in the Top 32. In 2004 Wake finished the season ranked 17th, went 4-6 against the Top 25 and advanced to the Sweet 16. In 2005 the Deacs were 5th in the final AP poll, went 6-3 against Top 25 teams but were eliminated in the round of 32. The most recent Top 25 season was in 2009 when Wake finished 12th in the AP, went 5-1 against Top 25 competition but were upset in the first round of the tourney. During these nine seasons Wake had a 44-39 record against Top 25 competition and 12-9 in NCAA tournament games. Relevant.

    Wake had five seasons (1991, 1992, 1994, 2002 and 2010) in the 20 year span that they were invited to the Dance. During those five seasons the Deacs were 15-31 against the Top 25 and 4-5 in the Dance. Recognized.

    There were six seasons were the Deacons weren't ranked nor went to NCAA tourney. One of those seasons produced an NIT championship. The Deacons record against Top 25 opponents during those six seasons was 9-32. Irrelevant.

    In summary, the best twenty seasons in Wake basketball history saw the Deacons go 16-14 in the Dance and 68-102 against Top 25 ranked teams. That is about what you would expect from a Top 40 program. Exactly where they were ranked by Sagarin. I hope this is helpful in determining relevance.
    This is excellent info from Blackjack. I should probably amend my posts to AGREE that those years were very likely THE MOST Relevant to Wake Forest fans, and the history and reputation of the program as a whole. However, I still contend that in spite of our level of success during that time, our inability capitalize on our opportunities in the tournaments, to maintain that level of success through coaching changes, and become a program who's name alone is identified as consistently relevant to the game every year makes us "irrelevant", especially now that we've faded into obscurity aside from being an ACC member. As I mentioned in my original post there are only a handful of programs that are consistently considered as winners, prospective champions in their conferences and nationally. That's relevance. That's being a driver of the conversation every season. It's very hard to accomplish in the game today, just ask UCLA, Butler, UConn, St. John's, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida and even Syracuse. Those teams have had what most would consider hall of fame coaches, championship level runs in major conferences, very notable history of competitiveness, and today are no better than second tier top 40 schools at best. We are far below a top 40 program today. If Forbes can change that he deserves to be mentioned in the same conversation with coaches like Mark Few and Tony Bennett who've built programs from very little "relevance" to every year favorites , and maintained it in our modern era. Always hope. Go Deacs !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tagsfan View Post
    "I knew Dr. Naismith. Dr. Naismith was a friend of mine."
    Congratulations on 60+ years of the masochism that is being a Wake fan.
    OK, thanks. But times were not so bad. Lefty Davis, Jack Murdock, Billy Packer, Dave Budd, 'Bones' McKinney, Len Chappell, Frank Christie, Paul Long, Bob Leonard, Charlie Davis, Gil McGregor, Skip Brown, and others kept things fairly interesting. And school spirit was great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freakydeac08 View Post
    Buddy, your second post stated that Wake wasnít relevant during the 1990-2010 time period. You are incorrect; we were significantly relevant as shown by the results/stats/rankings posted after your claim. To apply the definition of relevant you so kindly provided, we were relevant and appropriate to the time period that was being referred to.
    Follow the lead, add Fusion to your ignore list and he can verify HIS lack of relevance. Buh bye

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    WF appears to be his second offer. Cuse offered a week ago. Is going to play at Oak Hill this season.

    It seems like the staff is pretty determined on hitting SC hard for recruiting & especially leveraging any connections that they may have in the state, especially around the Columbia area.
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