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Thread: Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Lucas Taylor Commits!

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    Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Lucas Taylor Commits!

    Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Carter Whitt Commits! and Cam Hildreth from UK!

    Carter Whitt-PG- (#61): Notable Offers- Wake Forest, Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas A&M, Florida, Indiana, Memphis, Nebraska, Maryland, Xavier, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Iowa State, Marquette, Boston College, Ole Miss

    Robert McCray- PG- 6'4- (#131) Notable Offers- Wake Forest, Florida, South Florida, Murray State

    Cameron Hildreth- SG- 6í4-(#89, #1 Player in United Kingdom) Notable Offers- Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Xavier, Utah

    Lucas Taylor-SG- 6í6 ( 3 star) Clemson, Appalachian State, Cincinnati, Connecticut, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Marquette, Miami, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Providence, Vanderbilt, VCU, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and Wisconsin

    Top Remaining Target Ė Jonas Aidoo

    Class of 2021

    Shooting Guard

    Aminu Mohammed (#10:Offered): Wake Forest, Louisville, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Iowa, Georgia, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, Seton Hall

    Small Forward

    Kaleb Washington (#100: Offered): Wake Forest, Florida State, Arkansas, Missouri, Xavier, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Iowa State, San Diego State, Cincinnati
    Alden Applewhite (#103: Offered): Wake Forest, Clemson, Iowa State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State

    Josh Farmer (#106: Offered): Wake Forest, Texas A&M, Houston, TCU

    Jusuan Holt (#121: Offered): Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Clemson, Washington

    Daniel Nixon (3-star: Offered): Wake Forest, Georgetown, Penn State, Temple
    Sam Alajiki (Not yet ranked: Not yet Offered) New Mexico

    William Henderson (2-star: Offered): Wake Forest

    Power Forward

    Daron Holmes (#29: Offered): Arizona, Virginia, UCLA, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, San Diego State, Arizona State, Minnesota, Marquette, Vanderbilt, Illinois, USC, Ole Miss

    Trey Kaufman (#38: Offered): Wake Forest, Texas A&M, Virginia, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indiana, Xavier, Indiana State, and Evansville.


    Jonas Aidoo (#104: Offered):Wake Forest, Pitt, Miami, Clemson, VT, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia

    Class of 2022

    Point Guard

    Scoot Henderson (#15: Offered): Wake Forest, Florida, FSU, Xavier, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss

    Skyy Clark (#17: Offered): Wake Forest, Kentucky, UNC, Kansas, Arizona, UCLA, FSU, Ohio State, Tennessee, Oregon, Indiana, Georgetown, Michigan, Memphis, Vanderbilt, Arizona State, Texas Tech, Minnesota, Rutgers

    Bruce Thornton (#19: Offered): Wake Forest, Maryland, Ohio State, Purdue, Miami, Cincinnati, Ole Miss, Iowa State, Alabama, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Xavier, Clemson, Indiana, Auburn

    Dug McDaniel (#36: Offered): Wake Forest, Florida, Georgetown, UConn, LSU, Vanderbilt

    BJ Edwards (#49: Offered): Wake Forest, Tennessee, Georgetown, Seton Hall, South Carolina, Auburn, Ole Miss

    Rodney Rice (#53: Offered): Wake Forest, Louisville, Alabama, Providence, Georgetown, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, Connecticut, LSU, VT, Maryland, Seton Hall, Penn State, Illinois

    Zocko Littleton (#63: Offered): Wake Forest, Xavier, Mississippi State, Georgetown, Alabama, Mississippi, Wichita State, Seton Hall, DePaul, Georgia Tech, Georgia

    J.J. Starling (#91: Offered): Wake Forest, Washington, Alabama, Syracuse, Connecticut, St. Johnís, Providence, Marquette

    Mason Manning (#94: Offered): Wake Forest, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, Seton Hall, LSU, Ole Miss, Baylor, Maryland, Penn State, Mississippi State, TCU

    Amare Haynie (2-star: Offered): Wake Forest, Ole Miss, Wichita State

    Presley Patterson (2-star: Offered): Wake Forest

    Shooting Guard

    Dariq Whitehead (#12: Offered): Wake Forest, Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU, Oklahoma State, Seton Hall, Rutgers

    Dillon Hunter (#32: Offered): Wake Forest, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, FSU

    Sencire Harris (#39: Offered): Wake Forest, Ohio State, UVA, Cincinnati

    Judah Mintz (#59: Offered): Wake Forest, Florida, Maryland, Georgetown, Seton Hall, LSU, Penn State, Marquette

    Isaac McKneely (#77: Offered): Wake Forest, Iowa, NC State, Maryland, Louisville, VT, Kansas State, West Virginia, Xavier

    P.J. Haggerty (#121: Offered): Wake Forest, Arizona State, Houston

    Jazian Gortman (2-star: Offered): Wake Forest, ETSU

    Small Forward

    Brandon Miller (#10: Offered): Wake Forest, Louisville, Tennessee

    Mark Mitchell (#13: Offered): Wake Forest, UCLA, Kansas, UNC, Texas

    MJ Rice (#22: Offered): Wake Forest, NC State, Providence, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Ole Miss

    Aidan Shaw (#50: Offered): Wake Forest, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Wichita State, Creighton, USC, TCU, Iowa, and Vanderbilt.

    Julian Phillips (#51: Offered): Wake Forest, Texas A&M, Alabama, VT, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Wichita State, South Carolina, Clemson, Iowa State

    Noah Batchelor (#51: Offered): Wake Forest, Florida, Nebraska, Marquette, NC State, Georgetown, Memphis, Maryland, VT, Clemson

    Tyrell Ward (#66: Offered): Wake Forest, Georgetown, Georgia, Providence, LSU

    Yann Farrell (#80: Offered): Wake Forest, UConn, Marquette, VCU, Seton Hall, Vanderbilt, St. Johnís

    Christian Watson (#103: Offered): Wake Forest, Arizona, LSU, Georgetown, Xavier, VCU

    Power Forward

    Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (#4: Offered): Wake Forest, Kentucky, Kansas, Memphis, Baylor, Ole Miss, Auburn, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, Georgetown, Georgia

    DeíAnte Green (#82: Offered): Wake Forest, Tennessee, Texas A&M, NC State, VT, Xavier, Penn State, Ole Miss

    Maliq Brown (#108: Offered): Wake Forest, Georgetown, VT, Penn State, TCU, VCU
    Jerome Beya (#181: Offered) Wake Forest, NC State, Oregon, Illinios


    Felix Okpara (#73: Offered): Wake Forest, Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State

    Patrick Wessler (#143: Offered): Wake Forest, Ole Miss

    Handje Tamba (2-star: Offered): Wake Forest, Georgetown, and Auburn

    Class of 2023

    Point Guard

    Caleb Foster (N/A: Offered): Wake Forest, VT

    Jaylen Jones (N/A: Offered): Wake Forest

    Isaiah West (N/A: Offered): Wake Forest

    Shooting Guard

    Simeon Wilcher (#8: Offered): Wake Forest, UCLA, Oregon, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Iowa, Xavier, St. John's

    Small Forward

    Kwame Evans (#7: OFFERED): Wake Forest, Auburn, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Xavier, Georgetown, St. Johnís, TCU, VT

    Power Forward

    Brandon Gardner (N/A: Offered): Wake Forest, Illinois, Wichita State


    Jordan Butler (#21: Offered): Wake Forest, Georgia Tech

    Class of 2024

    Point Guard
    Jahseem Felton (#1: Offered): Wake Forest
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    Stickied, thanks Ranger!

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    Excellent thx. My favorite thread.

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    Could a mod merge this thread with the previous one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeForestRanger View Post
    Could a mod merge this thread with the previous one?
    If it's merged with the other, strick would have the first post & the same issue would persist.

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    If it's merged with the other, strick would have the first post & the same issue would persist.
    No problem. I didnít realize that.

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    Ranger is a man of action!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1976Deac View Post
    Ranger is a man of action!
    Mistaken, I apologize. Ranger is the Man!
    Damn, that was a lot of work. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeForestRanger View Post
    McCray 2.0 😁

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    Forbes is demonstrating why he has always been regarded as a top recruiter. He identifies top recruits early and develops relationships over time. 37 offers for the class of 2022, with seven (and counting) for the class of 2023. Even has offered a player in the class of 2024. With 28 offers remaining for the class of 2021, the staff has the fan base believing a great incoming class is just a matter of time.

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    My source says Javian Davis to Miss State.

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    If someone can create that scholarship table thingy with the colors by class that was awesome to see too, it's great to visualize what the team will look like over the next few years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan207 View Post
    If someone can create that scholarship table thingy with the colors by class that was awesome to see too, it's great to visualize what the team will look like over the next few years
    It was just a static image taken of a google spreadsheet I think, here was the last one that was up:

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