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Thread: The Destruction of the US Postal Service by Trump & the Republican Party

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    Am I the only one who sees the irony in Newman backing the reliability of the USPS?

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    I disagree with you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan Gable View Post
    Am I the only one who sees the irony in Newman backing the reliability of the USPS?

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    When you control the mail, you control information

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    Here's the actual ad.
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    Fucking-A Greensboro people. You had two weeks to go vote at 30 different early voting locations and your putting your ballot in the mail ?

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    These fucking people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deaconson View Post
    These fucking people.
    My point still stands.

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    How many Senate/Congressional seats affected?

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    You donít mess with Emmet Sullivan

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    Quote Originally Posted by avalon View Post
    Kinda understand why Trump and his crew believe there must have been massive fraud in favor of Biden in this election because they executed a massive voter suppression effort via the USPS and Biden still won in an almost landslide.
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    "He must have cheated! He beat us and we cheated!"

    It's still nuts that all these Republicans who won are calling the election rigged.

    If you read some of the worst case scenarios from Sept and Oct, they came out pretty accurate. They slowed down the mail. Republicans chose to pass bills to not count the mail-in ballots until later. Then they claimed mail-in ballots were cheating. The margin had to be large enough to withstand any challenge.

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