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Thread: UVA at WF - Saturday October 17 - 4 pm ACCN

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    Hey, look, a makeup call

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    At least Clawson is finally making the refs know he is there. His team is getting raped. It is about time.

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    80 yards in barely 2 quarters for one of the least penalized teams in America. The fix is in.

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    Wake has to play off the ball. If they breathe on a UVA player, itís a flag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookoutdeac View Post
    He's trying, impact is a little less wearing a mask. Hard to read the lips.
    Sorry. Meant in post game. Take the fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakelaw13 View Post
    Sorry. Meant in post game. Take the fine.
    Ah, haha, yeah for sure.

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    That hold was a total makeup call

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    Cant go 99 if you start at the 25

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    Uva wins field position thanks to an obnoxious PI. I hate these officials.

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    Wow. That is tough. Downed on the 1.

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    Yeah, that was just a great punt. Morin played it correctly, just had a great bounce for UVa.

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    Wonder if the refs remember PI calls go both ways?

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    Who cares. Letís have a huge clock eating drive for a score.

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    I assume, even with COVID, they're still grading these officials weekly. As usual, I'm sure we got the bottom of the barrel, unless of course Clemson rolls into town.

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    Itís time for Walker to be the man. Letís go.

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    What a weird review. It was a backward pass.

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    Replay ruins every game

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacDaddy View Post
    Who cares. Letís have a huge clock eating drive for a score.

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    You canít jump on the pile. Thatís a blatant 15 yard penalty.

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    Blow the freaking play dead

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