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Thread: Official 2020-21 NBA Finals - Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship!

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    Geez. No better than Wellman bringing in Rusty and Randolph.

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    Oof. Nothing to see here. #RunItBack

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    Is Paul George seriously showboating after singlehandedly losing game 2? Thatís fucking embarrassing.

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    Hard to believe anyone could seriously root for a team that features Luke Kennard and Patrick Beverly.

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    And the LA crowd is doing the MVP chant for George. Heís 9-24 on the night and, again, singlehandedly lost them the last game.

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    Regardless, not a good showing from the Suns at all tonight. Booker has been scary bad. Figured last game was an anomaly but this is far worse.

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    ayton looks like his regular season self, canít catch anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAppreciateIt View Post
    ayton looks like his regular season self, canít catch anything.
    Not his fault tonight. Booker canít shoot with that mask. Him and Paul had a dreadful night.

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    lol WRS losing it
    We're going to be good again.

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    Paul George was phenomenal
    We're going to be good again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strickland33 View Post
    Paul George was phenomenal pushing off on nearly every shot.

    Credit where its due though. He did what he needed to do. Hit lots of tough shots.

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    Suns looked terrible but itís hard to expect them to look great every game, hopefully Payne is back for Game 4

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    The best part of that game was Mike Breen working in the "Terance Mann goes the distance" call. He threw out a "people will come, Ray" to him earlier in the series.

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    I've been reading up on Ty Lue lately.

    Would not count that man out.

    If they win without Kawhi, Lue gets all the credit.

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    The Clippers certainly have an edge if the two first names rule applies (i.e. Tim Duncan, Josh Howard, Chris Paul). They have Paul George, Reggie Jackson, Pat Beverley, Marcus Morris even without Kawhi Leonard. The Suns only have Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Torrey Craig. The Jazz only had Donovan Mitchell.

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    - Booker is playing with a broken nose (5-21 FG)
    - Paul playing with other humans for the first time in 11 days (5-19)
    - Cam Payne hurts his ankle and plays 4 minutes

    That's how winning streaks stop.

    Got to believe Booker's ability to play with a broken nose will get better with each successive game. Paul will improve. That said, Cam Payne also needs to return. He's a key piece. Not a good sign that he didn't even attempt to play in the 2nd half. Still like the Suns, but Clips are tough out.

    BTW, can't believe the play the Clips are getting out of BC's Reggie Jackson. No one wanted him heading into this season. He signed with the Clips for the NBA minimum ($734K). He was a solid sign for that price in the regular season averaging 10 ppg, but in the playoffs, WTF?

    Jackson averaged 15 ppg in the Mavs series, 18 in the Jazz series and is now averaging 22 in the Suns series. So far, the Clippers have played 16 playoff games, Jackson has scored 15 or more in 13 playoff games, and has scored 20 or more in 5 of the last 6. His plus minus for the playoffs is +104. Incredible. Reggie has made himself some cash; he's getting a lot more than the NBA minimum this off-season.

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    a part of me would rather see the Clippers advance so either way I can outrightly loath the opposing team in the Finals
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    So Cuban appears to be doubling down on the circling the wagons/blind fans with the 2011 title team bitÖ

    Dallas Morning News reporting Jason Terry and JJ Barea are likely to be added to Kidds staff. Haha

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    I just feel bad for Luka at this point.

    I'm happy for Reggie Jackson. He's been a good player in bad situations. Crazy that he had to win for the minimum though. He was solid for the Clips in the bubble last year. Plenty of teams need a reliable veteran backup PG. Wouldn't be surprised if the Hawks tried to sign him if they have the cap room.

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    Jackson may be the only clipper i like at this point.

    Luka appears to be getting what he deserves for running off a good coach. He probably has no idea what he's in for.

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