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Thread: Official 2020-21 NBA Season Thread - EmbiidP returns and Steph drops 50

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    I could not tell you one distinguishing feature between the Morris twins' games or careers

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    That was my first time watching a full Nets game, and boy is that a team that cannot play defense at all. Hawks ran the same exact play for the entire fourth quarter and the Nets just couldnít stop it. Joe Harris guarding Trae seems less than ideal.

    Too bad none of that matters because stopping them on the other end is impossible.

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    Here they come

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    man, sixers tried to blow that

    huge shot by Tobi

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    We always blow that game, always

    Nice to win one

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    So.... is it time to be worried about the HEAT?

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    So Wait, why is it Shaq decided to take out Donovan Mitchell? They're atop the damn west on a 10 game win streak?

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    Depends. If you think the Heat are a top team in the East, maybe. If you think the Heat were one of several good teams in the East and had a good run due to Butler's fierceness and several young hot hands, nah. They'll be fine once Butler is back. Bam was out for awhile too.

    Some other close games tonight. The Spurs pulled it out vs. the Celtics. Dejounte Murray had a nice steal to help seal the game. Any future of the Spurs depends on him being a plus defender.

    The Hawks had some chances against the Nets, but couldn't pull it off. It's going to take awhile to get that roster settled and that's if they stay healthy. Hopefully they'll get into the playoffs and beat that "team you don't want to face."

    By the way, the Cavs are 9-9 and the Knicks are 8-11.
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    I could see that Shaq thing be the thing that gets this Jazz team over the hump. He did say he called him out to motivate him.

    28% from 3 ain't gonna get it done from Tyler Herro this year.

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    I saw the Shaq thing live. The panel thinks Mitchell could be a superstar but heís not there yet. Iíve got Luka, Mitchell, and Zion on my fantasy team so I follow the frustration of them not quite being there even though you know the talent is there and itís coming.

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    Embiid calling out Lebron for 2 handed push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Complacent Deac View Post
    Embiid calling out Lebron for 2 handed push.
    It was bush league

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    It was bush league. Failed to act the least bit concerned when he caused a 280 lb dude to land on his back. Probably tired from arguing calls all night...

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    Murray and Booker have played below expectations so far this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiltdeac View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiltdeac View Post
    sexton is the truth
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    Almost named checked SmallSampleSize in the initial post, but figured (s)he would be ever vigilant. But yeah, the better half of SexLand has been insane this year. Three point shooting will cool off, but he's really good.

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    Garland's handles are so tight

    still a major work in progress, but Cleveland is my surprising League Pass watch team

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