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Thread: Wolford potentially to start next week against Arizona?

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    Helmet to helmet. Not targeting?

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    Get home, turn on the tv. Woodford takes a head shot on the next play. Apparently Iím whatís wrong with Wake Forest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekin View Post
    Helmet to helmet. Not targeting?
    TV analyst said they should have called the penalty.

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    That was a dirty play that knocked Wolford out of the game.

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    Why did they pick up the flag??

    Hawks homer ref.

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    Should not have picked up flag

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    I hope he somehow gets back in. Sucks that happened.

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    I donít think Wolford is sacked there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekin View Post
    Helmet to helmet. Not targeting?
    Actually shoulder pad to top of helmet after Wolford was down.

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    Probably should have been a penalty, but Wolford has never known how to slide even going back to Wake. Probably should learn that with his running abilities if he really wants to make a career out of being in NFL

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    That sucks he looked great on that drive. Goff comes in and takes a bad third down sack. Hopefully he can come back.

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    Picking up that flag is laughable. The nfl is completely officiated differently. The roughing the passer penalty calls that the elite qbs get are insane. I know it wasnít a roughing issue but that absolutely was a personal foul penalty.

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    Neck injury and questionable to return.

    That's reasonably good news.

    I want Goff to crap his pants now.

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    Also, as Wake fans we all obviously want him to come back in. But thereís absolutely no circumstances in which a player should be allowed to take a headshot like that, end up laying on the ground like that, and return to the game.

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    Man, that sucked. He was looking very smooth on that drive prior to the hit.

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    Brutal hit. Hope heís ok

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    Goff looks terrible so far.

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