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Thread: How to convert conservatives

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    This woman was a full in conspiracy theorist MAGA until Inauguration Day and then something clicked. Now she is publicly learning about reality and confronting her former beliefs.

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    If you are looking to try to convince people who maybe consider themselves centrists but lean conservative or libertarian (not the MAGA crazies, not sure what can be done there), and they are willing to read/consider other positions, I think sending them stuff by Samuel Hammond is a good entry point. He writes pretty convincingly about the need for a strong welfare state to support a dynamic free market (here), and in strong support of a child allowance and the Bennet/Brown American Family Act (here) are two good examples. He's more conservative than me on a number of levels, but he write in support of what are very progressive policies using a frame that I think appeals to those that think of themselves as centrists.

    And maybe once you get them on board with a strong welfare state, you can start sending them actual lefty stuff like Bruenig's Family Fun Pack.

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    related but not quite on topic: has anybody read any good theory of change literature?

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    Currently listening to a podcast series on the French Revolution by Mike Duncan and the "Republican baptism" seems like it could work.

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    I haven't looked at the entire thread but you really don't need to try and convert any conservatives.... all you have to do is offer them a bottle of water while they are waiting in line to vote and their vote is yours...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJKarl View Post
    Totally wrong! You may not like Lemon, but he doesn't and promote hate like Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham and other Fox News liars.

    You're right I don't like Lemon. He's an idiot. They're all idiots. Again as I stated earlier, just depends on which side you are on as to which idiot you like and trust.

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