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Thread: Wake Baseball 2021 (10-12) | oh no we suck again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreamyGoodness View Post
    We really have some power arms.

    If walter doesn't get this team to postseason play then it probably is time to move on, even though the dude is possibly the best human being to ever coach a sport at Wake. Jim Caldwell would give him a run for his money for that title
    Agreed on Walter. On a side note, I have been around Kevin Jordan a few times the past month and he seems like a great dude. KJ is helping coach a youth travel team ran by one of the Wake coaches.

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    Woof, give up a bunt single with 2 on nobody out in a situation where they've already bunted before? WTF is that? How about playing in a couple steps...

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    This team is nearly unwatchable. Error, HBP, bunt for single to start top of the 8th after getting it to a 2 run game. The mistakes are just mind blowing. Error on short and walk was what caused a 3 run HR earlier in the game. So frustrating.

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    Scott "Rufio" Feather
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakefan77 View Post
    Homerun Deacs, still down 7-5.
    Let's follow that up with an E-5, HBP, and a bunt single to load the bases with none out.

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    Walter is our worst current head coach at Wake.

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    Nice take, 2 on no outs top of the order in 8th... Got away with just 1 run lost in the 7th...

    This dude throwing 98mph for Notre Dame...

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    costello lookin pretty nice so far

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    wtf was that bunt attempt on 0-0

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    The amount of bunts/bunt attempts in college baseball is just awful. Every team does it and I have no idea why. Why would you want Lanzilli bunting with the tying run on third literally ever?

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    Ha, I love that. Ump calls a strike on a pitch 3 feet off the plate to prevent a walk, next pitch hit for a run-scoring single to take the lead. What a horrid call though. Funny to hear the commentary guys just saying you have to get used to pitches nowhere close getting called as strikes.

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    Nice inning. With a little help from ND we lead 10-8 T9.

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    I just started watching and that was some of the most comically bad balls and strikes that I have ever seen.

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    Broderick Hicks
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    Needed this one. Letís hope this sucked some momentum out of ND for the remainder of the series.

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    nice win. canít believe we pulled that off.

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    That was a helluva comeback. Lotta credit to some of the young guys in the lineup. Broderick walks, Costello single, and Wilken single. Huge win. Letís get two!!

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    Notre Dame finally gave us some help with 2 walks and a WP leading to 3 runs.

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    Definitely enjoyed the "Annnnd that's ball 3 outside so the count is now----I mean that's strike 2 on the outside corner, I guess..." multiple times.

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    Muntz got on base each at bat I believe.

    Wilken is going to be a problem while he's in the Black and Gold

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    Bobby needs to figure things out. He's a tough out, but not ACC POY candidate at this early point of the season.

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    Broderick Hicks
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    Down 5-4 going into the bottom of 9. Top of the order coming up. Letís get something going.

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