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Thread: Wake Baseball 2021 (10-12) | oh no we suck again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deacs86 View Post
    clanks every third ball
    So how many innings have you watched now?

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    Ok. Time for my "Walter Decisions" question.

    Why do you take out Oxford when he just pitched a great inning?

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    And Furtado gives up a walk and a hit after a fly out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeaconCav06 View Post
    So how many innings have you watched now?
    5 too many lol

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    And Furtado gives up a walk, a hit after a fly out, a WP, and a single to score 2. There's your scripted loss all on Walter's decision.

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    Walter is a good guy but a terrible manager. He's had plenty of years but generally it's the same underachieving every year with head scratching managerial decisions.

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    Andddddd right on cue, Walter is a bum

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    The draft statuses of our upperclassmen who returned this season (minus the pitchers) are plummeting daily. This is going to make them grip the bat even tighter. Not sure what the answers are. This season is imploding.

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    Lanzila has been awful this year. That was an awful at bat in the eighth inning. We have probably some of the finest facilities in all of college baseball but we just keep losing. At some point you have to blame the manager.

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    16 strikeouts with Seymour completely overmatched.

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    18 strikeouts. Unbelievable. I don't think I have ever seen a Wake team hit so poorly. Walter has to go.

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    Keep swinging for the fences boys. May as well start playing the young guys and groom them for the new coach. The seniors are pretty much done.

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    Maybe we should build a hitting lab next?

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    Steve Lepore
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    For a baseball team to be successful, they need to make contact.

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    Glad I didn't watch this.

    Sucks Cusick and our bullpen can pitch such a gem and our offense can't reward them for a few runs support

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    Wilkens just hit a GS! Deacs up 6-4!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 80deacon View Post
    Wilkens just hit a GS! Deacs up 6-4!
    He is incredible

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    Lead was short-lived as FSU scored one in the third and two in the fourth to retake the lead 7 - 6. We had Bases Loaded in 6th with one out when freshman Costello singled to tie it at 7. Bennett SF 8-7. FSU brought Scolaro back in (pitched well in relief ystrdy.) Turconi at bat & a 2 strike count. Scolaro gets him to swing for 3rd strike and 3rd out.
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