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Thread: Wake Baseball 2021 (10-12) | oh no we suck again!

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    Broderick Hicks
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    Quote Originally Posted by timdunkandthefunk View Post
    Love the mound dancing by the freshman closer.
    Same! Love the performance too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by timdunkandthefunk View Post
    Love the mound dancing by the freshman closer.
    Yeah that guy is cool as hell. Big fan of his mound dancing and release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resilient Deac View Post
    You need to get control of your life. You're clearly not a stable Wake fan. I expect better out of you as a fan!

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    i know he’s only in bc of injury but broderick does not look ready to play (granted, super small sample size). more than that, just doesn’t make sense we came into the season with such little depth in middle infield given the usual availability of transfers.

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    5-0 Deacs T3. Fleming looks great so far.

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    Into their bullpen.
    boorish ruffian

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    Scoring cheap runs tonight putting pressure on their defense love it!

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    A grand slammy would be nice right now.
    boorish ruffian

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    9-0 good guys in black through 7.

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    Wake looked legit. And not because they were playing a CAA team.

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    Northeastern isn't a joke of a team. They're picked to win their division and they've won their conference a couple of times recently. Sounds like their pitching is solid and the fact that we are hitting the ball with ease is probably a good sign.

    Going for the sweep today at 1:00 on ACCNX

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    Very encouraged by our approach at the plate yesterday. Part of being a very good college offensive team is not swinging at bad pitches, putting the ball in play taking singles and making your opposing pitcher make out pitches and give that other team a chance to gift you a bunch of runs due to defensive mistakes and walks because you put pressure on them all game.

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    wilken living up to the hype.

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    Wilken can rake, but his glove needs some serious work.

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    4 errors, PB, and more. Need to tighten up a lot. down 7-3.

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    Poor defensive execution today has really hurt us. Most of their runs of come via combination of walks and errors and other miscues.

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    Our fielding and base running needs to improve for us to be a super regional team

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    wish we could see the plate - it is sunken below the truf grass from view. lot of close pitches.

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