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Thread: Hammering Hank has passed away at 86

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    Legend. He retired before I was born. After reading his bio I wished I had been alive to see him play. One of the best to ever swing a bat and by all accounts a hall of fame person.

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    i was fortunate to see Hank hit #600 and #713 with a chance to hit 714. This man is a legend and a true American hero. My personalized autograph has even greater meaning to me now, It is a very sad day for me.

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    Broderick Hicks
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    The true HR king. RIP to a great man both on and off the field.

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    The term “great” is used often and I saw many great Major Leaguers in my 62 years watching baseball.
    But “Hammering Hank” was an all timer. On the Mt. Rushmore of MLBers along with Mays & Mantle.
    I asked my buddy (a longtime Brave fan) his favorite memory of Hank.
    “I was at Connie Mack Stadium and and Bo Belinsky knocks him down with a pitch at his head.
    Next pitch left the stadium”
    RIP Hank; the true Home Run King.

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    good trivia question: What brothers have the most combined career homeruns in MLB. The Aaron Brothers with 768. Hank hit 755 and Tommie hit 13.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJKarl View Post
    With MLB's saying that Negro League stats can count, I wonder if they can find 8 more HRs for Aaron when he played for the Indy Clowns.
    The combining of stats will be an interesting exercise for MLB. Which games will they count?

    Heard a replay of an old interview with Aaron that included a discussion of his Negro League days. He said they sometimes played three games a day. One example was a doubleheader in Washington, DC in the afternoon followed by a night game in Baltimore.

    I would think that Aaron hit eight or more homeruns in games that "count" to put him back at the top of the HR list.

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    I think MLB is only counting Negro League records between 1920 and 1948, which would exclude Aaron's Indianapolis Clowns HRs.

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