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Thread: 2021 College Basketball Coaching Carousel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilchard View Post
    Turgeon has been OK, but not great, at MD. Turgeon's current deal had only another year or two; so, Maryland had to extend or move on to another coach, but surprised by the length and favorable terms, given that the MD fanbase was mixed about bringing him back at all. Maryland has generally failed at landing quality recruits from DC (he has done OK in Baltimore and Philly). The favorable terms indicate that Turgeon may have gotten interest from OK (or some other Power Conference school with an opening) which forced Maryland to up the ante.

    Despise MD for leaving the ACC. Also, don't forget that when MD was good, their fanbase routinely became unnecessarily violent and destructive when they won; have attended games at almost every ACC venue, and generally if opposing fans were derisive, it was funny, with a hint of truth, which is welcomed. Maryland fans were just a-holes, stupid and unfunny. Classless group. Really hope that MD sucks in the next year or two, and MD is stuck with a contract that they can't get out of.
    Itís been many years since Iíve experienced MD fans, but I remember them as pretty obnoxious. I would say the same thing about Louisville fans based on their behavior following the Orange Bowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uncaboref View Post
    I think part of the reason they went with an incentive-heavy deal was to help lower the buyout as well. I don't think many around Maryland (fans and AD included) would have minded if he took another job this off-season, but he also hadn't been bad enough to just outright fire.
    Buyout is not huge. But it does get larger if he has success and earns the incentives.

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    Just looked up Cincy's recent history, didn't realize that Mick Cronin had taken the Bearcats to NCAAs nine years in a row (2011-2019) before taking the UCLA job. The farthest they got during that run was one Sweet 16 in 2012, but still pretty solid a record given that Cincy is in a pseudo-power conference (AAC). Also, last year, Cincy (20-10) was projected to make the tourney in Brannen's first year there. If I am Archie Miller, think I'd rather play golf and invest all of the money gained from the IU buy-out rather than risk further harming my rep, but taking the Cincy job.

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    Cincy has a solid tradition and he'd be back in Ohio. He's still a young coach and he seems like a hungry dude. Go ahead and take the Cincy job and be in place when State eventually turns on Keatts.

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    With both Millers on the market Iím honestly shocked NC State hasnít found a way to show Keatts the door yet.

    Guessing most of Stateís donors are waiting for their refunds from recurring donations to the Trump campaign.

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    Well at least the Wolfpack Club has found a sustainable funding model they can use.

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