First post and visit to this site since 2015! I hope my fellow OG&B Deacs are doing well in these interesting times.

My oldest is a freshman at Wake this year, and I am curious if any of you that have kids there are having a similarly awful experience. Despite assurances to the contrary, in my opinion, Wake has done an incredibly poor job of handling the current environment. All of my son's classes have been virtual and most of them have been pre-recorded. One class last semester hardly had any instruction at all. They had him visit a website to do "worksheets" instead. And another professor has missed the first two virtual classes this semester due to "technical difficulties". He isn't learning jack. Meanwhile, even with no physical class, the students have been locked down almost entirely from any social life. Masks are required at all times - even outside. Dining is allowed only if you sit more than six fee apart. Students are written up if they are in groups of 10 or more. Due to a recent spike in cases, students can barely leave their rooms now and must be in by 10pm. For freshmen with no pre-existing friend groups, you're essentially stuck with your often-depressed suitemates.

I'd be sympathetic to the lockdown if Wake was actually teaching the students. Instead... its the worst of both worlds: no instruction AND no social life - all for only $75k/year. Given Wake's resources, we expected MUCH better. Meanwhile, other supposedly inferior universities nearby seem to have figured out how to salvage something of the school year. We've held out hope that the administration will find some sanity and things will improve but, at this rate, we may not be around to find out.

Sorry to vent, but the FB parents group is populated with lunatics that don't allow any negative feedback. Just curious from any here if my son's experience has been the exception or the rule.