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Thread: CT Brasky #2: Back when the CT was real

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorEl View Post
    Yep, I think itís the Internet thatís changed things.

    But it seems weird to me.

    And not always in favor of the customer...

    Several years ago we were looking for a car for my wife. A local dealer had just the one but wouldnít budge a bit on the price. I walked away and within a few months found the exact car for maybe 1500-2000 less...and with significantly lower a dealer an hour away.

    I think the Internet age can work for the customer if youíve got time to research and donít have an urgent need to buy. I guess that hasnít changed.
    Haggling at the dealer is one of my favorite things to do, though half of that is because of how painfully uncomfortable it makes my wife when I tell them they can call me when they are serious about selling a car and we head to the car.

    The internet has made it a lot easier because you can get an online quote from a dealership within driving distance on a comparable make and model and it's almost always lower than your target dealer's price. The online offer assumes they can upsell you, so the stated price is about the lowest you can find. Take that to a competing dealer and you've reset the terms of negotiation.

    Also, I can't recommend the Costco auto program enough. If you're a member, it is free, and they come out with some silly offers that let you tack on dealer incentives. No haggling with those deals, but you don't have to because you may be getting it at-or-below dealer pricing.

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    Honestly, I think this dealer is just being difficult.

    I mean, thereís no way theyíre not making some money still giving me 600 dollars off a 32,600 total price. For a dealer loaner now being sold as certified.

    Oh well. You gotta be willing to walk away.
    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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