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Thread: Roy Williams retiring?

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    He presided over a completely corrupt program. Like ol' Roy I don't give a shit about Carolina either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deaconson View Post
    He presided over a completely corrupt program. Like ol' Roy I don't give a shit about Carolina either.
    Absolutely true. He presided over decades of academic fraud,so he could win. And, now he is being deified by the media.

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    Things have changed a little. These are facts.

    Roy absolutely wants Hubert Davis to get the job and has pretty much been bullying Bubba over it. Itís his legacy and he wants his man and absolutely believes and is adamant that Davis is the guy. Bubba was set to go in that direction but things have been put on hold. Bubba was contacted by at least two NBA coaches who are interested and they are guys that Bubba has to listen and talk to. He also was contacted by a couple of college coaches that were a real surprise as far as them being interested. So Bubba has out things on hold to have those discussions. He still might and probably will come back to Hubert but who knows at this point.

    Bubba would much rather go with Davis or another up and coming coach like an Oats etc.

    If itís Hubert then the assistants will be a huge part of it. The concerns from the inside is that Hubert is not a real hard worker and wonít be the type to work 80 hours a week and sleep in his office by any stretch. And he is not super relatable to the recruits. Kendall Marshall would like let be there and possibly Scott May to help with all that. Wes Miller is being talked about as an assistant. He would make possibly in the $1 million a year area which is what about 3 times what he makes now not sure. But much more in any event. Thatís why he could possibly take an assistant job. But none of that is really being discussed as likely.

    So as of now it is still a Davis lean, but itís not done. I think it will be him. Roy is very pissed and quite surprised that Bubba doesnít want to just slam Hubert through for the job.

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    I canít edit the above sentence in the middle about Oats. It should read

    Bubba would rather go with Hubert than another up and coming coach like Oats etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greekdeac2011 View Post
    Anthony Smith reported that Roy wants Brad Stevens as his replacement.

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    If Wes Miller ends up as an assistant coach at UNC, no matter what his salary is, that shit will be hilarious. I'm not buying that though, no way.

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    My new UNC neighbor, who has been spectacularly wrong about everything but clearly pays attention, says Stevens is the top pick. When I pushed back about how batshit crazy that was, he admitted it wasnít likely. But he did say convos with Jay Wright have gone well. He also thinks Billy Donovan is a bad fit.

    Heís nuts.

    I told him I though itíd be Hubert Davis and he said he agreed that was most likely.

    He said Wes Miller will be the next coach in ~10 years, but that heís not ready yet.

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    He's nuts. Wright ain't interested at all. If Davis is still there in ten years, he'll retire there in 15-20 years.

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    Didnít realize Kendall Marshall was UNCís Director of Recruiting. Theyíve got a real Duke thing going on over there.

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    Also, letting an outgoing coach pick his successor is so idiotic. Especially considering the quality of Royís coaching tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeForestRanger View Post
    I don't get it... Kenny told his fellow anchor on the desk that they've reached out to him to get insights, but wasn't clear whether they are also including Kenny himself in the search? He would know if they were pursuing him directly so I don't really get the vagueness. Maybe it's to save face.

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    They arenít talking to Kenny Smith about the job and will not. They would take Hubert before Smith. So if they go that route, it would be Hubert for sure.

    Things have evolved again a little bit. Bubba feels that he must make contact with the candidates he sees at Tier is just too I ortant to get the best coach they can get. If he can get a sure thing he needs to do it.

    Tier 1 is Stevens, Donovan, Few, and Wright. The first three have not rejected the idea after contact and are open to talking. Wright hasnít responded as of earlier today. I was surprised to hear that Fewís response through the agent was ďwait until after the Final FourĒ to talk. He did not shut it down. That surprised me. But I was told today that Few only makes $1.8mm. The UNC job will be in the $6mm range with Nike. Maybe Few wants a raise at Bonzaga, if they can afford to do so. I donít think they can afford to lose him thatís for sure. Stevens is going to talk to Bubba as of right now unless he bails on it. Donovan likely will as well unless they pick before they get to him. I donít think they know if Wright will talk to him but it seems they feel that he doesnít seem excited about talking.

    All of the above pisses Roy off. Although it canít be too bad as he played Augusta twice like week and shot 87-88.

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    Frustrating that you canít edit. Typos galore

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    Good info. Roy wouldnít have gotten the job were it not for Carolina trying to stay in the family with Doherty. Had they gone outside the family and actually made a good choice like they seem to be doing now, he would still be at Kansas. So Iím not sure the reason for his alleged irritation.

    So you have good info that I appreciate you passing along, but how well do we actually know his emotions and his preferences at this point? Very very few could actually have access to that information.

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    Thatís correct. Very few for sure.

    Itís not relevant really to any of this but people forget that Roy was Carolinaís 3rd assistant when he got the Kansas job. There was definitely some surprise when Kansas grabbed him. It was a different time for sure and Kansas was in the mess Larry Brown had left them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitardeac View Post
    Frustrating that you canít edit. Typos galore
    Sure but Iím hoping we can stick with BONZAGA going forward

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitardeac View Post
    Guitardeac bringing the scoop strong. More on basis for Ol Royís decision:

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    If Brad Stevens goes to UNC after acting like reporters were telling him to eat shit when they asked about the open Indiana job he'll look like a massive dingus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeaconBrews View Post
    If Brad Stevens goes to UNC after acting like reporters were telling him to eat shit when they asked about the open Indiana job he'll look like a massive dingus.
    Alternate take: UNC is that much better of a job than Indiana

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