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Thread: Perma ban: RJKarl

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    TOB still has traffic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacDiggler View Post
    TOB still has traffic?
    Its all wake sports but yeah les is really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreamyGoodness View Post
    We've hit 1/4 of the milestone to reinstate RJ with full posting rights. 100 pages of non spam conversation and RJ gets his freedom back.
    Request denied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercurydime View Post
    Yeah, that's wack...and I'm not going to wade any deeper into that grammatical morass.

    I see Latin tattoos from time to time, and I'm like, I'd a-been glad to consult with you before you committed there.
    Suckers. My tattoo says uva uvam vivendo varia fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyRogersRoast View Post
    Suckers. My tattoo says uva uvam vivendo varia fit.
    Oh man, I just read that novel a few months ago. Thought the sign plot was pretty great

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    i love that book. one of my all time favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImTheCaptain View Post
    do people really misuse apart and a part?
    Iím not sure if I mistyped or it spellchecked. I saw it as I was hitting send. Didnít think it was worth correcting or that it would result in multiple responses.

    Irregardless, some feel the need to tear other posters a part.
    Letís get this done!

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    That's just you're too sense
    DV7 was RIGHT
    - wakephan09

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    it is fitting that this ended in a conversation about misspellings

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    I just realized today that RJ was gone, and came here to see if I could figure out why. That was a doozy.

    I don't think he deserved to be banned, but I'm glad he is because it's better for the boards and probably better for him. I also really don't understand the passion he inspires on either side.

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