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Thread: chat thread 2021: RIP Paul Mooney

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    Am I all alone here? Where's brasky and HTTD?

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    PM a mod to cement your internet status forever
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    Quote Originally Posted by guitardeac View Post
    A groundhog absolutely tore up my labrador retriever. Stitches everywhere. She stuck her front legs and snout down in the hole and that thing ripped her up. Cone of shame for about 2 weeks. First thing she did when she got the cone off? Run right to the spot where that hole was and tried to dig it back up.
    Waiting for the name drop. Is your lab Mr. Peanutbutter’s second cousin?

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    I don't understand how to win one of these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooshmoo View Post
    I don't understand how to win one of these.
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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