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Thread: chat thread 2021: RIP Paul Mooney

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    The revivalists? Just missing "the music of John Williams", umphreys, Michael Franti and BIG HEAD TODD AND THE MONSTERS.

    Would be weird to see Shakey Graves in a venue that holds more than twenty people too.

    July schedule looking awesome

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    Thatíll be fun

    Have seen them a few times at festivals

    Surprising to see a band lkke that from New Orleans that plays that kind of music with that many people who are all white

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    They're from New Orleans? Lol. My dad driving from new Orleans to Colorado to see a band from New Orleans

    Good to hear they're good. I guess you don't get two nights at Red rocks if you're not. I see that halsey canceled her two nights, lol

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    chat thread 2021: if you fill up garbage cans with gas it will evaporate

    Quote Originally Posted by TenaciousKory View Post
    some old dead journalist once described Pittsburgh as "hell with the lid off" a long time ago which is pretty metal
    Pun intended or not? I canít tell.

    I agree that cities are becoming more similar (not that Iíve been to any other ones in the last 15 months). Part of that is cities chasing each other and trying to build what works in other places. Cities want their own Riverwalk or food hall or stadium on the river or bay because it worked for some other city.

    Perhaps this was the inevitable consequence in a young country rooted in violence and revisionist history for the purpose of not owning up to that violence. Think of how many cities are named by indigenous peoples (or names in their language) who were removed and not allowed to build on their history or named for the shitty white guys who led the purge.

    Add in neighborhoods that were razed for the sake of ďprogressĒ and many cities donít have much living history aside from plaques that say what used to be there before they build a mall in the 80s or stadium in the 00s or ritzy shopping and residential complex in the 10s or whatever 20s monstrosity emerges like a crypto-mining hub/coffee shop complex.
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    oh yeah, well, tampa, like, sucks and mons venus and other stereotypes

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    Quote Originally Posted by mako1331 View Post
    I love how you people continuously argue about which giant gaping cesspool affront to Mother Nature is superior to the others.
    This post slaps.
    Birds are real.

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    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros came here right before the pandemic last year and I skipped out because all the stuff I heard from them is slow.

    Got an email that JRAD moved their show from Oct to Sept and saw on Facebook that they are adding a show the night before. But that post by the venue has since been deleted so I guess it wasnít meant to be announced yet. But hell yeah Iím going to that.

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    JRAD > DSO > Dead and Co > all the rest

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    man Jojo Rabbit is so bad on paper but like Taika just fucking directs/acts the hell out of that movie
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    I remember getting to go to Tampa for an accounting job back when I worked for the man in January and I thought it was p sweet. Every guy looked like Jon Gruden

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    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenaciousKory View Post
    man Jojo Rabbit is so bad on paper
    Academy Award Winner for Best Adapted Screenplay

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    Quote Originally Posted by TownieDeac View Post
    JRAD > DSO > Dead and Co > all the rest
    Still havenít seen DSO even though they play here all the time. Saw D and Co on their inaugural tour in 2015 and need to get back. Saw JRAD in 2016 before I left DC and theyíre finally coming back to Asheville (played here right before I moved). Show was supposed to April of last year.

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    Itís blasphemy to put DSO ahead of Dead and Co but it just happens to be true

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenaciousKory View Post
    oh this one should be good.
    - Tampa is Birmingham Alabama with a water feature
    - Tampa is Louisville with better strip clubs
    - Tampa is Richmond with a cuban flair

    not really happy with any of these but i'm reluctant to let my job slip to others

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuiceCrewAllStar View Post
    Academy Award Winner for Best Adapted Screenplay
    comedy about kid who has hitler for an imaginary friend is kind of a weird pitch man, idk

    also academy awards lol
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    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    dyk borat 2 was in the running for best adapted screenplay this year
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    Who knew Adam Sandler had pick up game

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    not really enough to evaluate his game here beyond he doesn't do much with the screen in the first clip
    semi-aquatic like otters be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenaciousKory View Post
    dyk borat 2 was in the running for best adapted screenplay this year
    What was it adapted from

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