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Thread: chat thread 2021: RIP Paul Mooney

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    So do we think these UFOs are coming from outer space or Atlantis ?

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    Maybe Wakanda ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TownieDeac View Post
    plus jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams bro
    I love how meme-able this quote is. It's psychologically so perfect: just enough science to sound 'right' and just enough punch to tempt further exploration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mako1331 View Post

    There would have to be some debris left at the surface when they checked.
    if you can't identify the flying object then how do you know it will leave debris that floats on the surface
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donkey Deac Doug View Post
    asd? Autism spectrum disorder? lol wut

    For me, late 30s is being pulled from so many directions. Family, job, old friends, new friends, new career opportunities, desire for old/new hobbies (lol, time).

    20s was being pulled, but it was more like: strong pull to finish degree, strong pull to get married, strong pull to find a job.

    These days, it's rare for me to consistently work on a single strong pull area of life for more than a week.
    Iíd have expected a chat thread veteran to recognize angry suburban dad/boring career. Coined (I think) by brasky as a derogatory description and then surprised no one by turning into exactly what he was poking fun at.

    I get what youíre saying, the ďweirdĒ description was throwing me though. I think ďlol, timeĒ basically sums it up. After family, house and job stuff, the rest of it gets glanced at every month or so if Iím lucky. Most of it is far less.

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    The universe is so vast that there is almost certainly life beyond just our planet. I do like the hypothesis that any life advanced enough to have interstellar travel destroyed their civilization years ago. Also like the hypothesis that a species so advanced to travel across the galaxy would have almost zero interest in someone as primitive as humans, let alone returning to the planet over and over again.

    I could be persuaded that aliens are actually us, time traveling back for observation. If what people see is real, then it makes more sense because technology seems to be built upon current technology and preconceived human traits never something absolutely crazy. I think that's what hold me back from interstellar visitors, we like to put things in a way that we can understand, as imaginative as we are its always grounded in some human aspect. We can't comprehend beings that have no carbon base, etc... kind of like how everyone throws all these human components to the concept of God.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakephan09 View Post
    Bass is a cool spot. Seen some good shows there. Moody is just unbeatable though. For its size, gotta be the best venue in the country, right?
    I have not been to enough venues around the country to say, but it would not surprise me. I love it.

    I have read that the new Moody Center is going to be a world class music venue for its size as well. It is going to hold about 15,000 for concerts. I am trying to think of the last time I went to a concert of that size.

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    Agreed on the Moody Theatre love. The best place I've ever seen a concert and because of its ACL connection it gets an insane amount of high end shows. The only performance I ever saw at Bass Hall was a Aziz Ansari standup during the big comedy festival, which was great. Pre Aziz Cancellation of course.

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    Hey Asheville peeps this sounds dope as hell. I need to come back and visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachBumDeac View Post
    Hey Asheville peeps this sounds dope as hell. I need to come back and visit.
    Yeah itís gonna be cool. The Buxton chef has been posting a lotta pics of recipe testing. Also read today weíre getting a restaurant from some Hawaiians thatís a Hawaiian spin on Texas BBQ.

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    not to be a debbie downer, but this is what I mean when I say all cities are becoming similar

    every city has that same food hall now

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    Well yeah but now I get to go to one whenever I want

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    A good twitter thread on the UFO's

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    If the government wants us to take it seriously, they need to do better than the same grainy footage from the last 40 years. Even an animation of what they think theyíve seen would be more valuable than what Iíve seen.

    As far as those tweets, if itís US, itís not necessarily the government. Could be a private company testing. If itís aliens, who says they havenít done anything over the last 20 years? Plenty of weird shit has happened.

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    damn the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence thinks aliens are buzzing our atmosphere for fun wow
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    the Obama interview (on James Corden) that dude also cites has Obama leading off by saying the govt. doesn't have any proof so

    but he cherrypicks a quote to make it seem like Obama is cautiously optimistic

    whole thing is dumb. people like it because mysteries are more appealing than complex political events of the day. would be curious to see if ufo talk intersects with more than just gaza violence
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    TK > 60 minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donkey Deac Doug View Post
    Man, late 30s are a weird fucking time in a dude's life.
    I see you and raise you being a woman. All the things you've said, plus trying to balance pregnancy, maternity leave and what that may or may not do to career opportunities, as late 30s is usually when most dudes make that next jump. Not to mention physical recovery and what impact that may have on outside hobbies.
    I know how to spell definitely.

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    Donít forget about dealing with aging parents and possibility of needing to move or manage them on the horizon.

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    Damn I might get me an electric F150 when my lease is up. Specs and pricing are looking great.

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