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Thread: C9++ Mafia Thread - MAFIA WINS

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    Quote Originally Posted by TownieDeac View Post
    Chinese > Japanese/Korean > Thai/Indian

    The really interesting stuff is Laotian and Burmese and Sri Lankan but obvi harder to find
    Thats not bad. My order was Vietnamese - Korean - Indian - Chinese - Thai. I didn't have Japanese in the mix, it would be top 3, because I was ranking them in terms of being able to order in, and I havent found a lot of good Japanese take outs yet.

    Problem with Chinese is it can be all over the board, I like junky american chinese, though - but some people don't. High end Chinese delivery is spectacular, if available - assume you went to Han Dynasty in Philly, still my favorite and they have a location near me that delivers, its so good.

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    I really love Indian food

    the only (Americanized) Chinese food I really go for sze chuan, but it is elite -- I'm lower on dim sum than most

    I'm pretty over the average neighborhood Thai spot, but the good ones are really great

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