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Thread: 2021-22 NHL Season

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    2021-22 NHL Season

    Hard to believe itís here already.

    Canes start on Thursday - it will be interesting to see how the Canes integrate all the new folks. Still should be near the top of the standings if the goaltending holds up.

    Really wish google and Ballyís could get their shit together otherwise Iíll miss a ton of these games.

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    Still no hockey on YTTV huh. Fucking come on.

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    All the non-National, non-local games being on ESPN+ (with your pick of broadcasting crew) is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipitytheblue View Post
    Still no hockey on YTTV huh. Fucking come on.
    Good Lord. They had a year to figure this out.

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    The Canes continue to look solid, and Iíll not-so-boldly predict they win the gauntlet that is the Metro.

    The division is 28-8-7 in the early going

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    Canes goalie moves looking smart so far.

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    So the Canes are really good huh?


    27 for, 12 against

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    So the blackhawks are an absolutely garbage organization.

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    Scott "Rufio" Feather
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    Not gonna jinx my Sabres...not gonna jinx my Sabres...not gonna jinx...

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    Canes go to 6-0-0. Andersen with a shutout of the Bruins.

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    Now 7-0 beating the blackhawks by a field goal

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    Canes cup and Deacs ACC title have occurred in close proximity before...

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    So, um, are the Canes ever going to lose this year? Came back from a 3-1 deficit in Chicago tonight to win 4-3. Big game at Florida on Saturday to possibly tie the record for most wins to start an NHL season.

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    Only claim to fame the city of Buffalo has. Let's take it from those suckers

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    Also - Jack Eichel traded to Vegas.

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    What happened to the Isles?

    They're 0-4-0 in the new barn after an uninspiring 13 game season opening road trip.

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    Canes remain GOOD. 9/12 in points on a 6 game road trip, 5 out west.

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    Rusty Larue
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    the Hurricanes' coach scares the hell out of me

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    Quote Originally Posted by wake20 View Post
    the Hurricanes' coach scares the hell out of me
    ROD THE BOD. put some respect on his name.

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