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Thread: Mafia C9++: Mafia Wins!

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    Mafia C9++: Mafia Wins!

    Mafia C9++: NIGHT
    I mean most of you know how this works, but here's some rules


    1. Major Rules Ė violating these may get you and/or teammates modkilled

    - Try to win for your team, donít cheat, and donít angle shoot. Penalties for this will be whatever I deem is harsh enough to make you and your team wish you hadnít done it. If you have any questions, send me a PM rather than asking it in the thread.

    - The dead stay dead. No dead talk.

    - No night talking.

    - No quoting or discussing PMís or any other communication with the mod.

    - There are no restrictions on role claiming whatsoever.

    - No communicating with other players about this game outside the thread, unless otherwise specified.

    - No editing or deleting posts

    - Please be active. If you miss two votes you will be disqualified

    - vote by either bolding or starring your choice e.g. toogs or ***toogs***

    - no majos with 6 or fewer living players. majos are instant otherwise, and twilight rules go into effect (everyone besides the majoed player can still post until i call night)

    - OT will be 10 minutes. anyone can vote for a player in the tie to end it. if the tie isnt broken after 10 mins, RNG

    2. Night Action

    Order of Night Actions (if in the game):
    1. Mafia Roleblock
    2. Citizen Roleblock
    3. Protect (Jailkeeper)
    4. Kill (all kills simultaneous)
    5. Investigate
    6. Anything else
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    Player list:

    1. Townie: Innocent Child
    2. gouda: one shot doctor, killed N2
    3. Juice: vanilla civ, killed D6
    4. Gooner: vanilla civ
    5. Diggler: vanilla civ, killed D3
    6. Knight: doctor, killed N3
    7. Jtp: one shot vig, killed N1
    8. Blue: mafia goon, killed D4
    9. Creamy: one shot cop, killed N4
    10. Cata: vanilla civ, killed D2
    11. Mako: mafia roleblocker
    12. toogs: vanilla civ, killed D5
    13. SD3: mafia godfather, killed D1
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    SD3 -7- JTP, Creamy, Juice, Cata, Townie, Diggler, Mako
    Creamy -1- Blue
    Diggler -2- Knight, Gooner
    Toogs -1- SD3

    Did not vote: gouda, toogs


    Catamount -4- Townie, gouda, Juice, Blue
    Diggler -3- Gooner, creamy, Cata
    Townie -1- Mako
    Gooner -2- toogs, Diggler

    Did not vote: Knight


    Diggler -4- Gooner, Knight, Creamy, toogs
    Toogs -2- Diggler, Mako
    Gooner -2- Blue, Juice
    Blue -1- Townie


    Blue -4- Townie, Toogs, Mako, Gooner
    Mako -2- Juice, Blue

    Did Not Vote: Creamy


    Toogs -3- Juice, Townie, Gooner
    Gooner -2- mako, toogs


    Juice -3- Townie, Gooner, mako
    Gooner -1- Juice
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    Thread is now open, I won't be around much today so don't do a bunch of stupid stuff. You all should have gotten PMs with your role, reach out to me if not.
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    i like it, coming out of the gate strong

    do we have any giants fans among us because i will def vote for them right now

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    or sam darnold fans. i am equally annoyed with him

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    Quote Originally Posted by deacon14 View Post
    This rules

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    I donít even have to think, I can just post

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    obviously we're in MMMCTTT

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreamyGoodness View Post
    Iím sorry I hurt you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gooner View Post
    Gooner, is mafiachat as fun without me there?

    Also, I call dibs on day 1 killshot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacDiggler View Post
    i like it, coming out of the gate strong

    do we have any giants fans among us because i will def vote for them right now

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    Watched School of Rock tonight

    Always a fun time

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    School of Rock is a fun time

    had me look up if SoR was JB's best role and I learned that they made a film of Jesus' Son -- never knew

    kinda hard to believe Shallow Hal got greenlit

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    I do not care for Jack Black films.

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