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Thread: 2021 ACC Championship Thread: WAKE vs. PITT (Dec 4 - 8pm)

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    Weíre done. I saw that coming as soon as it came out of Samís handsÖ
    We're going to be good again.

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    And that'll just about do it.

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    This may be the worst I've seen Wake play all year. Clemson flat beat us but tonight we have done absolutely everything to beat ourselves.

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    Welp, itís been real and itís been fun fellas.


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    Thatís the game. This is awful.

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    Bring in Kern or a Griffis

    Samís not right

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    God bless. Hartman has no freaking time. Roll him out of the pocket. Throw a screen. Something! THIS IS NOT WORKING.

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    Gonna need a Baylor-type stop, here
    Skip rope, Evil!

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    Fun season, now itís time to go to an everyday bowl game and pretend the season never happenedÖ.at least to the media

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    I really hope Sam recovers from these type of games. He puts too much pressure on himself and falls into quicksand. Hopefully he can get past these type of games. Too good a quarterback to let one mistake snowball like he is doing.

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    Miss the turnover slam, might be the beginning of the end for Pitt.

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    Fabulous season but a shitty way to end it. Yes, I know we will be in a bowl and Iím happy for the players to reap those rewards but this is the last meaningful game of the season.

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    Lights out there. Offensive line and Sam fell apart here. Too much pressure. Sam os all happy feet and bad decisions

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    Son of a bitch
    Skip rope, Evil!

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    Really think this one is on Ruggiero
    We're going to be good again.

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    Go win the Gator Bowl. Lots to work on between now and then.

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