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Thread: 2021 ACC Championship Thread: WAKE vs. PITT (Dec 4 - 8pm)

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    Clawson HAS To learn to recognize when Sam is going into an absolute funk and get him out of the game before it spirals into complete disaster.

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    Our problem was defense of course, but also no run game and then trying to throw home run 30 and 40 yd passes every single play

    No common sense play calling or originality

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    Should have pulled Sam three series ago

    When he’s shook, he doesn’t recover

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacdeTejas View Post
    That is a weak ass holding call
    Affected us a lot, too. No way Sam throws that pick at the 50…
    We're going to be good again.

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    G night all. Sigh…

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    Hate to say it but glad I couldn't make this game to witness Sam's melt down in person.

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    Geez. Get Sam out. He is in his own head. Even if you put him back in later, he needs to get his head right

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    Really disappointed with the coaches right now.
    We're going to be good again.

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    We need a mercy rule.

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    It would be nice if we could score here and keep it more respectable. This is gut wrenching.

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    Sucks so bad. But it gives me a lot to respect for the ‘06 team. I appreciate how hard it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piratedeac92 View Post
    This really isn’t even on Sam. Dude has no time. He’s throwing it up to try and give his guy a shot to make a play. Gotta change something up. Our offense works great, but when a team like Pitt knows how to get the the QB we freeze up, and act like we don’t know what to do to counter that
    Because we didn’t even try to run the football

    Once in a while we ran… first down gets 8 yards, then we throw long until we punt

    Last 10 drives:


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    A.W. Hamilton
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    We awful right now.

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    We were down 3 like 5 minutes ago lol

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    We won’t have many fans at whatever meaningless bowl we go to now. Hard to get up for that game.

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    Sam and Charlotte. Just a bad combo

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    Aight I’m signing off and watching the fights.

    Feel bad for Sam. Hope he can bounce back strong.

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    Unreal to be shut out after scoring 21 in the first quarter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strickland33 View Post
    Affected us a lot, too. No way Sam throws that pick at the 50…

    Been penalties like that all night. Smenda taunting was another

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    Sam throwing off his back foot, seems we could maybe run a screen or have him take a little deeper drop.

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