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Thread: The Pit's First Pet Peeve Thread

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    rolling quads since 2002
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    The Pit's First Pet Peeve Thread

    in this thread, we discuss pet peeves.

    -when the cleaning crew fills the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom too much so the towels all tear when you try to pull them out

    -people who don't replace the paper towel roll in a kitchen

    -coworkers who don't refill the empty paper tray on the printer/copier

    -people who don't empty the lint trap on a shared clothes dryer

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    Broderick Hicks ellisat2's Avatar
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    RTQ's got paper-related anger issues.

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    You know what really grinds my gears? Pet Peeve threads.

    Also, quoting Family Guy.

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    Steve Lepore WhatUTalkinBout Willis's Avatar
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    my new one is getting a meeting invite from a conference room. WTF people learn to use outlook

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    people saying "straight line"

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    - st00pid incompetent office supply ordering person still ordering 1 week's supply of paper towels for the breakroom when the company changed to placing an order every 2 weeks.

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    Use of buzz words/phrases at work. Shit drives me crazy.

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    People who watch non-HD channels when they have access to Digital Cable.

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    These days: everything.

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    The incessantly chatty, coupon clipping ("I speak COUPON") co-worker that I had to travel with for 2 1/2 weeks.

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    People who invite shitty posters to the new boards.

    Shitty posters.

    Complaining about office related issues.

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    Bernie Eskimo Bro
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    The girl in my office who asks what I'm doing or where I'm going every time I get up from my seat. "You going to class? You going to lab? You going to lunch? You going home now?" I'm going to punch you in the face, and then take a piss. That's where I'm going.

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    Seriously that is all we have? You guys are very very calm people. I can post a rant about fat people and elevators but it definitely wouldnt fly on the old board so Im not sure about here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supradeac View Post
    People who watch non-HD channels when they have access to Digital Cable.

    also, this may sound weird. But people who aggressively use paper napkins at dinner and then leave the crumpled ones on the table.

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    Fat people. They give no fuck.

    People who scroll through the channels to get back to a sports game or show. Just type the god damn number in, or hit the "last" button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeltonCreek View Post
    Use of buzz words/phrases at work. Shit drives me crazy.
    oh man. this used to not bug me so much... but i have one supervisor who talks about talking about things "off-line" (ie: after the meeting) in every meeting. drives me craaaazyyyyyyyyyy.

    i am also bothered by people who try on 8 pairs of pants and 12 shirts and then leave them all in a heap on the dressing room floor. yeah, i get it, i'm paid to work here... but seriously? did nobody teach you to clean up after yourself? i feel like my job comes when you nicely hang the clothes on the bar outside the dressing room and i put them away from there; not picking up your laziness.

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    people who let their kids run wild in stores.

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    You know what pisses me off……………. People that use elevators. I’m not talking about people who go from floor one to floor ten, legit. I’m not evening talking about people who go from floor one to floor three, also maybe legit. Im talking about the people that go from fucking floor one to floor two. So there you are sitting waiting for an elevator and its taking slower than Jon Abbate’s forty times. What the fuck could possibly be taking so long? Obviously it’s the fucking fat asses that decided to use the elevator as their personal fork lift to lower there wide ass from floor two to one or eight to seven. After waiting for team Walrus to send the elevator down you now shuffle in, thankful that you have the entire thing to yourself. Oh wait here comes some fat ass that looks like a combination of Jabba the Hut in drag, John Kruk’s hair, and Hank the angry Dwarfs hygiene. So of course they end up shoving their arm into the entrance just as the elevator is about to close. Bam the doors hit their arm and fat ripples like the rhythmic tides of the ocean, its almost a hypnotic state of euphoria watching as the “I think Ill just have one more slice” and “Ill start my diet tomorrow” fat rolls back and forth. So there you are standing as this sea cow wedges themself through the door, wondering if you can’t fit through a standard doorway maybe you should have cut back on eating, ohhh say 5 years ago. Thankfully there are only two people on the elevator as you eye the occupancy 10 people or 1600 pounds, since Chief Fat Ass is pushing the 4 bills department. So somehow after its fit through the doors the Cheeto cheesy covered sausage like fingers go to push a button you pray please no, please no. BAM floor 2. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS. All of this effort was for one Fucking floor. Why couldn’t they of taken the stairs? Seriously Why? Two flights of stairs, this fat ass acts like they would be climbing Everest. Better get a Sherpa, oxygen tanks, and a bunch of energy bars. I can only imagine the conversation that would unfold “Whew we better make base camp here and start those next four stairs tomorrow, it could be tricky. What did people do before elevators; I’m inclined to believe that all buildings were one story. God fucking fat people using elevators really pisses me off.

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