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Thread: Official OGBoards Golf Thread

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    Not to get too specific, but anyone play the new D grind of the Vokey SM8s? My wedges are 2.5 years old, and just picked up a couple demos. After a handful of shots, they seem sweet - seem to promote a little lower, more driving ball flight (I need this bad) and are nice to look at upon address. Thinking 12 degrees of bounce on the 56 and 8 on the 60. Make sense?
    My vokey setup is 50.08/56.14/62.08, F grinds on the first 2 and M grind on the 62. Currently SM7's but SM8's on the way. My understanding is the D grind enhances playable bounce for softer conditions while the S grind reduces it a bit for firmer conditions. The F is neutral, the most popular grind on tour, and good from anywhere in any conditions. Going with aggressive grinds and super low bounce setups is another one of those buyer beware things in my opinion. If you have a lot of time to practice your wedge game they can definitely allow for more shotmaking. 9 times out of 10 when someone I play with has a reduced grind and opens the club face or goes the opposite route and plays a bump off their back foot, it's a recipe for fat chunks where the blade gets stuck in the ground or they make a flop swing that goes straight under the ball and goes nowhere. Maybe folks with certain swing types or chipping styles click with certain grinds, hasn't been my experience though so I stick to the basics.

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    As someone who grew up on tight, dry fairways in AZ I fell in love with super low bounce wedges.

    And then I moved to the south and realized in a damn hurry that wet spongy turf grabbed the leading edge too much.

    I typically carry a low bounce LW and a high bounce SW just to have a mix of both.

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    Shot 70 at Warrior this morning

    1 Birdie
    2 Birdie
    7 Triple bogey
    8 Bogey
    12 Bogey
    14 Eagle
    16 Birdie
    17 Birdie

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