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Thread: Best Airline Rewards Credit Cards

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    Citi Double Points is nice, the rewards aren't sexy (1% on purchases and 1% when you pay it off) but no annual fee makes it a good decision if you are looking for a low maintenance rewards card.

    For travel rewards I have the Hilton HHonors which is nice as I earned two free weekend nights at any Hilton hotel, but outside of the free weekend nights bonus the Hilton points are only valued at ~0.5 cents apiece. (Right now I have 33,000 Hilton points but I can't redeem them as a statement credit.) I don't have an opinion on Delta AMEX but I don't travel enough to have an airline specific credit card.

    You can always get the CSP for the $400 signup bonus and 2% travel (and book thru their website for additional perks), then cancel it after a few years (since it has a $95 fee after the first year) and use the Citi Double Points for "2%" travel and no annual fee.

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    That's my plan. So far I'm charging everything to my CSP to get the signup bonus and everything else, then at the end of 12 months I'll crunch the numbers and see if it's worth paying a $95 annual fee, or just switch back to my Citi Double Cash card.

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    for anyone thinkin bout the amex platinum, the cebturion lounges are freaking nuts and they are building a bunch. im at the dfw one now it's sooooo monte

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    Bump. I'm about to start traveling/entertaining a lot for work. We dont have company cards, just file expense reports. I'm not too excited about mixing those expenses on my current card (AmEx Gold) so think I'm going to open a new one just for my business expenses. Any recs? Won't be flying one dominant airline.

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    If you don't have a tie to one particular airline, Chase Sapphire Preferred.
    read the thread for details.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lbE08 View Post
    If you don't have a tie to one particular airline, Chase Sapphire Preferred.
    read the thread for details.
    I just moved to this card. Seemed to be the consensus choice of the entire travel/credit card internet blogosphere.

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    Thanks for the recommendations on this thread. Finally taking the plunge as I'm traveling so much for bidness right now.
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    Just an FYI: The Capital One Quicksilver card is 20% cash back on all uber fares for next 10 months. Pretty easy card to get, probably worth it if anyone spends a couple hundred/mo on uber like me

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    Currently enjoying the no international transaction fees with the CSP in Canada!
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    Anyone have thoughts on the Citi Thank You Premiere card? It looks good on a quick glance.

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    Gotten a couple 50K mile offers for the AA Citi card in the mail lately. Not sure if it's a targeted offer or not.

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    BTTT so I can find this later without having to search too hard.

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    got an offer for the AmEx Platinum card and was reading through thinking "damn, this is sweet."
    Annual fee: $450.

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    If I'm making a big purchase that I plan to pay in a couple big chunks, is there harm in putting the purchase on one card, and then transferring the balance to another for the 0% APR?
    I can't find a dissuading reason in any fine print, but I don't want to screw myself.
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    Most cards aren't letting you do that without transfer fees anymore. IF you can, what card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toogs View Post
    Most cards aren't letting you do that without transfer fees anymore. IF you can, what card?
    I have the chase sapphire preferred; it has a 2% fee, but that's less than the interest would be over the course of things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TownieDeac View Post
    There are some good cards out there with no fees for transferring balances like Chase Slate which typically carry something like 18-24 months 0 interest, but they don't come with rewards. Good for paying down a big debt but not otherwise.
    right; i'm not interested in opening up a new card. basically i want to put the purchase on my CSP, but with no interest... so my loophole to that was going to be put it on a different card and transfer the balance to the CSP at the 0% for 15mo.
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    Be careful, some cards remove the ability to make interest free purchases if you carry a transfer balance.

    You really have to look at the terms closely.

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    So with Capital One you can't transfer your "miles" to a frequent flyer account on an airline, but only book travel through the Capital One website at a one cent per mile rate?

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    Best Airline Rewards Credit Cards

    Bump. I am looking to get the best bang for your buck travel miles credit card. Anyone have any recent thoughts about which card is best?
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